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The Apache Tomcat Experts

We’ve got years of experience creating Apache Tomcat applications. Whether you need help troubleshooting a Tomcat problem, upgrading an installation, or creating a new installation, we can help. We use Tomcat every day in our own SaaS business, and we know what we’re doing. We’ve also diagnosed bugs in Tomcat, written fixes, and had those fixes incorporated into the Tomcat source tree.

We’ve developed applications used by thousands of people everyday. We know what it takes to create scalable and reliable applications. Whether you’re in Denver, Boulder, the Front Range, or anywhere in the world, we can work with you on your Tomcat/Servlet project.

Our specialties are:

  • Apache Tomcat
  • Java and Java Servlet Programming
  • Java database programming using Hibernate/Spring, Struts and JDBC.

Creating New Apache Tomcat Applications

We’ve developed many Java servlet applications using Apache Tomcat. What makes Tomcat and servlets the best solution for complex web development?

  • Java’s strong type-checking reduces errors in code.
  • A complete ecosystem of code quality tools exists for Java. Tools that can analyze applications and point out coding errors.
  • Strong database options. Virtually every database in commercial use is compatible with Java.
  • High performance. Java’s performance for large-scale applications is second to none.

A core part of our development methodology is a focus on software quality. We use automated tools like SpotBugs and PMD to ensure that the code we create is robust and defect free. This focus translates directly into lower costs for you.

If you’re thinking of developing a new web application, give us a call and we can discuss your project!

Updating Existing Tomcat Applications

Since servlets are such a robust web platform, apps tend to, well, just work! However, as application and security needs change and grow, your web application may need a little care. We can work on your existing applications to update them, or add features as required. An example of some Tomcat related projects we’ve done recently include:

  • Troubleshoot performance issues on a mission critical 911 Services database.
  • Upgrade Tomcat Application from 4.0 (2002) to 8.5.
  • Perform Java, Tomcat, and application updates for a freight management application. This project included updating the Tomcat version, Java Version, as well as major updates to the application to update the struts version used.

If you need someone to takeover maintenance of an existing application, MH Software is the company to turn to.

In addition to our Tomcat/Java programming experience, we’re expert database developers. Learn more about our database development skills.

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