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Elementary to University, Our Resource Management & Event Scheduling Solution Can Help Your Institution

connectDaily is an ideal resource management and event calendar solution for educational institutions of all sizes. Whether you are helping take your elementary school to digital resource management or need a new way to keep thousands of people at your university informed of important news, classes, labs and events, we have a plan for you. Our options and subscription plans are structured to address the needs of educational institutions of all sizes so that you never have to pay for more than what you need. Contact us today to learn more!

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An education specialized resource management and event calendar solution can help you improve relationships with your students, parents, and staff. While monthly newsletters are great, connectDaily’s simple resource and event management solution allows you to digitally keep track of after school activities, classroom use, faculty meetings, bus schedules, ice cream socials and anything else you manage for your school. With connectDaily’s real time updating, keep parents, students, teachers and faculty in the loop when needed so they can focus on the task at hand, learning!

From small K-8 schools to the largest of High Schools, connectDaily has a solution perfect for you. Our Small Business 5.0 solution is a great place to start however we also offer larger and smaller solutions to meet the needs of your specific situation.


Whether you operate a large state college or a local community college, a resource and event management tool is essential for helping students and potential students stay up to date on deadlines. From organizing classroom schedules, club meetings, tuition due dates, sporting events, social events, academic deadlines, and more, connectDaily offers the flexibility to tailor a program to perfectly meet your unique needs.

connectDaily’s Corporate 5.0 solution is perfect for most colleges. Depending upon sizes and needs, connectDaily offers solutions for both bigger and smaller institutions, with the same results of streamlined organization.


Employee and faculty meetings. Sports schedules. Events. Academic calendar dates. University vehicles. Lab schedules. Universities have a lot to manage and keep track of and often don’t do it as efficiently they could. connectDaily is here to offer a better way to keep your students and staff up to date while keeping your university organized. Universities that use connectDaily report back that they appreciate how easy it is to manage and that it is a user-friendly tool.

connectDaily’s Enterprise 5.0 option is perfect for universities of any size. We will work with your university to help you find the unique and right solution for you.

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The connectDaily cloud hosted event scheduling and resource management solution is the most feature-rich option on the market. You can implement connectDaily on your site, customize it to your preferences and begin organizing and managing your resources in as little as five minutes. From there, you can focus on more important things while we make sure you are always taken care of. Updates are automatically installed, your resources are available anywhere, anytime, and connectDaily unparalleled service is here to personally assist you whenever you need.

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CMS Plugins

Using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla? connectDaily offers the best all-in-one resource and event management solutions for the plugin and extension environments. The plugin and extension options include the great features our thousands of happy customers have asked for over time, all free for you! If that isn’t enough, we have premium options for even the most demanding applications of connectDaily. Whether you know exactly what you will need or not, try the premium version free for 30 days and start taking control over the resources your company relies on.

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Stand Alone

We have had many satisfied customers over 10+ years with unique needs that require a stand alone software for event scheduling and resource management. Whether you have your own servers or unique security requirements like a government agency, we have an option for you. The connectDaily resource management software contains all of the world-class features you are looking for, without requiring hosting from connectDaily. Contact our team today to discuss your questions and requirements so that we can get you into the resource solution you are looking for.

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