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The All-in-One Resource Management & Event Calendar Solution for Businesses of Any Size

connectDaily is an ideal resource management and event calendar solution for businesses of any size. Whether you are getting your local service business off the ground or operating a large enterprise business with hundreds of employees, we have a fit for your needs. Our options and subscription plans are structured to scale as you grow so having an organized system for managing your schedule and resources is never out of budget. Contact us today to learn more!

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Small Businesses

As a small business, you often have so much to do in very little time. The competition for small businesses is fierce and the inefficient companies often experience the most struggles. If this is you, connectDaily is here to help. Small business clients use connectDaily’s resource management and event calendar solution to organize their meetings, employee schedules, deadlines and anything else that falls on their calendar. Track assets such as company vehicles, conference rooms, computers or any supplies that may need to leave the office or warehouse with our powerful asset management tool. Not at the office but need to check to see if a truck, room or other asset is available? No problem. All of connectDaily’s features can be conveniently accessed from anywhere at any time with real time updates. Imagine adding time to your day by solving inefficiencies in your daily operations.

connectDaily is perfect for small businesses in either our Organizer 5.0 or Small Business 5.0 solutions. No matter the needs of your small business, connectDaily is here to take the headaches out of the small details so you can put your thoughts toward the big picture.

Medium Size Businesses

As a business owner, you do not want to be bogged down with missed appointments, unhappy customers or uninformed team members. That’s an unfortunate reality that only causes stress for many growing businesses. That’s why connectDaily has been perfected for 10+ years to help your business. Manage the resources and events you rely on in one place with access from any location. With connectDaily you can make sure your company vehicles, training seminars, conference room bookings, and technology are planned for accordingly so you can focus on more important things.

connectDaily is perfect for medium-sized businesses with our Small Business 5.0 or Corporate 5.0 solutions. No matter the needs of your medium-sized business, connectDaily is here to take the headaches out so you can focus on continued success.


Conferences. Billing reminders. Corporate events. Schedules. Sales teams. Large companies typically use many tools and platforms to try and manage their crucial resources and scheduling. There is a more efficient option. Consolidate and streamline your resources and events into one comprehensive resource management solution with connectDaily. Team conference coming up? Customer invoices due soon? Need a better gauge on where your sales team is throughout the day? Harness the power of notifications, emails and text reminders to help you communicate important information painlessly to your people.

connectDaily’s Corporate 5.0 solution can be tailored specifically to your operation’s unique needs. Contact our enterprise support team and we will help you determine if connectDaily is the right fit for your company.

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The connectDaily cloud hosted event scheduling and resource management solution is the most feature-rich option on the market. You can implement connectDaily on your site, customize it to your preferences and begin organizing and managing your resources in as little as five minutes. From there, you can focus on more important things while we make sure you are always taken care of. Updates are automatically installed, your resources are available anywhere, anytime, and connectDaily unparalleled service is here to personally assist you whenever you need.

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CMS Plugins

Using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla? connectDaily offers the best all-in-one resource and event management solutions for the plugin and extension environments. The plugin and extension options include the great features our thousands of happy customers have asked for over time, all free for you! If that isn’t enough, we have premium options for even the most demanding applications of connectDaily. Whether you know exactly what you will need or not, try the premium version free for 30 days and start taking control over the resources your company relies on.

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Stand Alone

We have had many satisfied customers over 10+ years with unique needs that require a stand alone software for event scheduling and resource management. Whether you have your own servers or unique security requirements like a government agency, we have an option for you. The connectDaily resource management software contains all of the world-class features you are looking for, without requiring hosting from connectDaily. Contact our team today to discuss your questions and requirements so that we can get you into the resource solution you are looking for.

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