SQL Database Consulting

We have over 25 years experience serving Denver, Boulder, and the Front Range. We’ve created dozens of database applications using a wide array of tools. Whether you’re using a commercial database system like Microsoft SQL Server, or an open source database like MySQL or PostgreSQL, we’ve got the experience you need. Our broad range of experience in database administration, application development, and system administration allows us to dig into difficult-to-solve problems and find the solution you need.

Database System Experts!

We’re experts at databases, and we have experience with most major database systems including:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle, IBM DB2, Apache Derby, Sybase SQL Anywhere
  • Microsoft Access and Visual FoxPro

Database Application Development

We’ve developed a wide range of database applications for our customers. A small sample of the kinds of applications we’ve written include:

  • Documentation Management System
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Cloud based Web Calendaring System
  • Survey Administration and Management Systems
  • Scientific Instrument Interfaces including Digital Signatures
  • High Performance Computing Cluster Management Systems

Whatever Your Database Needs Are, We Can Meet Them

If you’re looking for:

  • New database development
  • Maintenance on an existing database
  • Someone to fix a database problem
  • Help optimizing database performance
  • Help with maintenance tasks like backup
  • Help upgrading servers or database versions

we can solve your problem!

We’ve developed database applications used by thousands of people everyday. We know what it takes to create scalable and reliable applications.

In addition to our database experience, we’re experts in Linux. Learn more about our Linux skills.

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