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Joomla! Users! Have you downloaded your free Joomla! calendar extension for connectDaily? This prominent Joomla! extension supports responsive design, multiple views, recurring scheduling, high and reliable performance, and has a complete library of video tutorials to help you get started quickly.

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Your free connectDaily Joomla! calendar extension provides:

  • Responsive Full-Sized Calendar
  • Simple List of Events
  • Public Event Creation Form
  • Detailed List of Events
  • Filter by Categories Widget
  • Responsive Public Event Add Screen
  • Mini-Calendar
  • iCalendar Links


The features are available as shortcodes and can be used in custom modules. All of the views can extract calendar data by calendar, type of event, resource used, or location; whatever makes sense for your design. This extension is an interface to the free, best-in-class, connectDaily cloud calendar subscription or can integrate with any connectDaily cloud event and resource management calendar. Choose the subscription that best serves your organizational needs, from the free Choices 5.0 subscription through the unlimited Enterprise 5.0 that will meet the most demanding requirements. You can try any version of connectDaily free for 30 days before making any decision to purchase.

The basic connectDaily resource management and event calendar subscription includes:

  • Responsive views including month view, and detailed list view.
  • Customizable appearance, including colors, fonts. Per item colors for all events.
  • Unlimited Events per Calendar.
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Data Export, and Import
    • iCalendar (RFC-5545) for export to iPhone, Google Calendar, and many others.
    • JSON
    • CSV
    • RSS 2.0 XML
    • EventBrite and BrownPaperTicket Events
  • Advanced recurrence support including exception dates.
  • High performance. Easily handles 10’s of thousands of events.


Premium customers love the ability to manage resources such as vehicles, rooms, and equipment with confident conflict checking; the ability to approve events and resources prior to booking; having automatic recurring imports from other calendars; the ability to create custom fields specific to their group or organization; and access to one of the most affordable, capable resource management and event calendar solutions available today.


We’re here to answer your questions and help out. Our customers receive the highest level of support through email, phone, and remote desktop too. Start your free trial now and you can have an event calendar live on your site ready to use in minutes.

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