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Our Resource and Event Management Solution Meets the Most Demanding Needs

connectDaily is an ideal resource and event management solution for municipalities of any size. Whether you are looking for a way to schedule the events of your local park or have hundreds of your state’s vehicles to manage, we have the right fit for your needs. Our options and subscription plans are structured to address the demands of municipalities of all shapes and sizes so you can efficiently manage any resources you have at a fair price point. Contact us today to learn more!

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Creating and fostering a community requires the management and oversight of different resources and events. From HOA events, community club schedules, the resources of a Chamber of Commerce, and more, connectDaily offers the tools to successfully stay organized and communicate changes in an instant. With our Organizer 5.0 and Small Business 5.0, we will find you the subscription perfect for the needs of your community organization.

Cities and Towns

It takes a lot of organization to keep a city or a town moving. Let connectDaily do the resource and event management so you can focus on your task at hand. Our clients use connectDaily to management public meetings, organize court calendars, city council agendas, track public works projects and more. With real time updates and notifications, no one will ever be left in the dark when using connectDaily.

From city hall to recreation centers, sanitation to public works; local governments need a powerful resource and event management tool to get rid of mistakes and headaches. With so many resources and events to manage, you want a solution that can handle it all without driving your city broke while keeping you, your employees and citizens on the same page. connectDaily has the perfect solution for cities and towns of any size.

Between our Corporate 5.0 and Enterprise 5.0 solutions, our team will make sure you get the right product.

County and State

Manage all of your county and state resources and schedules in one place in real time with access from anywhere. Use connectDaily to track community meetings, events, elections, and management of county and state resources. connectDaily’s robust software is there to make sure nothing slips through the cracks allowing you to focus on your county, state and people.

The Enterprise 5.0 solution is a perfect fit. We can work with you personally to assure that connectDaily meets all of your event scheduling and resource management demands.

Military & Government Agencies

There is no time for mistakes or miscommunication in the military or within government agencies; connectDaily eliminates the possibility of such mistakes and setbacks. With the vast customizable features that allow you to track, manage, and schedule resources and events, connectDaily does the organizing and communicating for you. connectDaily’s Small Business 5.0, Corporate 5.0 and Enterprise 5.0 subscriptions cover a range of needs and requirements that any organization in the military or government will find suitable.

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The connectDaily cloud hosted event scheduling and resource management solution is the most feature-rich option on the market. You can implement connectDaily on your site, customize it to your preferences and begin organizing and managing your resources in as little as five minutes. From there, you can focus on more important things while we make sure you are always taken care of. Updates are automatically installed, your resources are available anywhere, anytime, and connectDaily unparalleled service is here to personally assist you whenever you need.

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CMS Plugins

Using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla? connectDaily offers the best all-in-one resource and event management solutions for the plugin and extension environments. The plugin and extension options include the great features our thousands of happy customers have asked for over time, all free for you! If that isn’t enough, we have premium options for even the most demanding applications of connectDaily. Whether you know exactly what you will need or not, try the premium version free for 30 days and start taking control over the resources your company relies on.

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Stand Alone

We have had many satisfied customers over 10+ years with unique needs that require a stand alone software for event scheduling and resource management. Whether you have your own servers or unique security requirements like a government agency, we have an option for you. The connectDaily resource management software contains all of the world-class features you are looking for, without requiring hosting from connectDaily. Contact our team today to discuss your questions and requirements so that we can get you into the resource solution you are looking for.

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