Choices 5.0

The connectDaily Choices 5.0 package allows you to select just the calendar features you require for your unique organization. Looking for a free WordPress or Joomla! calendar plugin with just the features you need? Use Choices 5.0 and get a WordPress or Joomla! calendar that you can integrate quickly into your site with just the features you want.

Included in Choices 5.0 is one free calendar and user, with the option to add more as needed for only a small additional charge. Add features anytime and be able to trial them prior to purchase. Starting with 10 custom event types, organizations are able to quickly filter their calendar events using specific event categories. Choices 5.0 also allows you to choose additional features, as detailed in the Package Details & Professional Tools sections. Get your free WordPress or Joomla! Plugin! Start your free trial! You can create a custom event calendar for any site in no time!

Add Advanced Resource Management to your calendar giving you unlimited resources and unlimited users for just $13/Mo.
Individual Professional features are $10 each, or you can purchase all Professional Features for $20/Mo.

Package Details

# Calendars 1 Free - each additional $2/Mo
# Users 1 Free - Unlimited Users $3/Mo
Custom Event Types 10
Resource Management - Assign the items you need to coordinate and track with your events such as rooms, people, and equipment. $13/Mo
Unlimited Resources AND Unlimited Users
Consolidated Event Viewing - Create individual calendars and then combine events from 2 or more without double entry.
WordPress/Joomla! Plugin Included
Live Demo Start Using Now Other Options

Qualifying non-profits receive a 15% discount on monthly fees of $20 or more

Professional Tools

Extend the power of your connectDaily system with these advanced features:
Recurring Import from 3rd Party Calendars $10/Mo
Selective Event Posting - Choose the specific calendars where your event will appear. $10/Mo
Create Custom Fields - Create sets of custom fields for your calendars, including date fields, pick lists, and more. $10/Mo
Facebook/Twitter Integration $10/Mo
Integrate with Ticketing Vendors like EventBrite and BrownPaperTicket! $10/Mo
Geographic Radius Search - Allow site visitors to search for events within a specific area. $10/Mo

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