Joomla! Calendar Extension Revision History

This page provides the change history for the Connect Daily Joomla! Extension

1.0.28 – 2018-06-25

  • Change individual event iCal links to use http(s):// scheme. Using webcal:// scheme would prompt to create new calendar subscription.
  • Fixed an issue when the detailed event list was shown on a mobile device. The hyphen separating the title from the location was still displaying.
  • Fix issues in microdata generation when an event was untimed, or the same time as the preceding event.
  • Added support for Connect Daily 5.0 pooled resources to the add event screen.
  • Added MicroData for event details.
  • The mini-calendar will allow for CSS to highlight the current day.
  • The single event details short code will now render Facebook OpenGraph meta tags.
  • Fixed and HTML Coding issue on the mini-calendar.
  • You can now use event creation from the plugin even if public view of the cloud calendar is disabled.

1.0.27 – 2017-10-24

  • Correct issues relating to show Event End Times
  • The single event view shortcode now supports the event date as an argument.

1.0.26 – 2017-08-15

  • Added Single Event Display Short Code
  • Improve Cache Handling.

1.0.25 – 2017-07-07

  • Added a search short code to allow you to search the calendar.
  • Individual event display via dialog, or detailed list includes a link to iCalendar export for that specific event.
  • The full-sized responsive calendar now allows styling the current date’s cell.
  • The mini-calendar now styles the current date, or the date last clicked on if you’re using a target.
  • Fixed some issues in the events filter.
  • The link title for attachment will be the file name and mime type, rather than just the mime type.
  • Fixed a time label issue if an event had a start time, but not an end time.
  • Fixed an issue with date/time labels in the detailed list if you had a series of events with the same start/date time.
  • Performance optimization for social network sharing information.
  • Fixed an issue where specifying the default calendar didn’t work on the add event short code.
  • Fixed an issue when using the target attribute of a mini-calendar in responsive mode. Links to events were not clickable.


1.0.24 – 2017-05-25

  • Added support for AddThis, social network sharing.
  • The mini-calendar shortcode now supports a target attribute. If this is set, then clicking on a day populates the target with the day’s events, rather than displaying them in a popup.
  • When you enter the content editor, a dismissible hint is shown that tells you how to insert a calendar short-code into your article.
  • Added a dismissible hint to tell users how to add calendar events.
  • Marking event privacy as show busy now works as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with single-signon login when using Safari.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the public add event form to submit if another form on the same page submitted.
  • Add Event form now supports designer specified required fields. Fields marked as required have required attribute set.
  • The public add event form now validates required fields are present before submitting to the cloud calendar back-end.
  • Fixed two missing captions on the public event creation form.
  • Clarify the options to provision a new cloud calendar with example resources and for public event add.
  • Add instructions to the provision new cloud calendar form.
  • Display instructions on how to change the cloud calendar’s configured timezone if there’s a mismatch with Joomla’s.

1.0.23 – 2017-02-06

  • Added support for end times. Simple and detailed list can display the end time optionally. Viewing specific event details, or the mini-calendar single-day popup will now always show the event end time.
  • Caching is disabled by default for 2 hours after installation.
  • After installation, the user is taken to the Connect Daily settings page.
  • Minor HTML cleanups.
  • Minor CSS adjustments.
  • Settings page instructions weren’t being displayed as expected.

1.0.22 – 2017-01-06

  • Accept-Language headers were not in BCP47 format as required.
  • Provision calendar screen now provides options to enable public event creation, and import example resource data.

1.0.21 – 2016-12-16

  • If the plugin hasn’t been configured, and the timezone is UTC, display a warning.
  • If there is a mismatch between the Joomla configured time zone and the cloud calendar timezone, a warning is displayed.
  • Fix an error on settings save screen if no username/password were specified.

1.0.20 – 2016-11-25

  • The plugin now provides guidance to walk users through the configuration and usage.
  • Fixed a fatal error if the Connect Daily component were uninstalled, while leaving other Connect Daily extension components.
  • Fixed an issue where the event details popup would have the content overflow into the dialog footer.
  • Fixed an issue in responsiveness when using the events types filter with the full-sized calendar.
  • Fixed an issue (reported in WordPress) where the view single day popup would display the wrong date under certain circumstances.

1.0.18 – 2016-09-19

  • Responsive full-sized calendar now supports dynamic filtering on event type, style, calendar, or location.
  • Word, Excel, Publisher, and Zip attachments will now have an icon displayed along with the file name.
  • Fixed a problem with date formatting in the view day popup for non-US locales.
  • Responsive full-sized calendar: fixed a problem where the time value/format came from Connect Daily, ignoring the configured Joomla! time zone and format.
  • Fixed a problem in the iCalendar link shortcode.

1.0.17 – 2016-08-22

  • Changed AJAX URL generation to be relative to avoid an interaction between named virtual hosts and the content cache.
  • The manifest file for the short code insertion dialog plugin was not getting the version number set correctly.
  • Internal QA now test-compiles with PHP 5.3.

1.0.16 – 2016-08-20

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the plugin to throw an error on PHP 5.3.

1.0.15 – 2016-08-17

  • The public event creation form now supports assigning resources.
  • Public event submissions now also submit the source IP address.
  • Fixed an issue provisioning new hosts. Organization names would have spaces removed.
  • Fixed some CSS issues with the mini-calendar and public event forms.

1.0.14 – 2016-07-20

  • Joomla 3.6 appears to now automatically de-compress deflate requests. This caused our flate handling code to not work.
  • Corrected syntax error in flate decode error handler.
  • We’re investigating an issue with dialogs where event content is encroaching into the dialog footer.

1.0.12 – 2016-07-06

  • Fixed a spurious warning on the settings page when changing the calendar URL.
  • Added validations/cleanup to settings URL.
  • Minor code cleanups.
  • Rolled version number to 1.0 for Joomla Extension Directory release.

0.9.12 – 2016-06-17

  • Added HTML entity encoding to event description.
  • Fixed an issue in the simple list where multi-day events wouldn’t repeat even though allow_duplicates was set.
  • Fixed an issue in placeholder for date inputs on the public event screen.
  • Plugins are now enabled by default on install.
  • Updated PHP minimum version from 5.3 to 5.4.4 because json_encode() doesn’t correctly handle Unicode which breaks the cache system. Additionally, PHP dropped support for 5.3 in August 2014.
  • Added PHP version checking to configuration screen.
  • Added php_minimum value to package update xml file.
  • Fixed a possible entity problem on the add event screen.
  • Added JSON encoding/decoding error handling to cache subsystem.

0.9.11 – 2016-05-10

  • Added responsive event add screen.

0.9.10 – 2016-05-02

  • Added display start time option for simple list of events.
  • Bumped request timeout from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue with the various displays rendering and caching blank output on a remote request failure.
  • Fixed an issue in single-signon if no username was configured.
  • Return any error results from remote data requests as HTML comments for troubleshooting.

0.9.9 – 2016-04-27

  • Fixed an issue with cache expiration. Joomla! expects minutes and I was passing seconds.

0.9.8 – 2016-04-25

  • Fixed an issue with signature verification.
  • Fixed an issue with the Short Code Insertion dialog not appearing in the Editor
  • Fixed an issue with link generation in the short code insertion dialog for the iCalendar link.

0.9.7 – 2016-04-20

  • Fixed a schema issue for MySQL < 5.6
  • Fixed a schema issue for MySQL where a field name was a reserved word.
  • For detailed list, made event time smaller for responsive mode.
  • Added a support page to the component.

0.9.6 – 2016-04-19

  • Added tutorial URL.
  • CSS Enhancements for responsive calendar.