connectDaily Events Calendar – Features

connectDaily is the most complete web calendar system available. No matter how demanding your needs, connectDaily can meet them.

connectDaily Choices Edition Features

The choices edition lets you add features that you want, without having to pay for features you don’t need.

  • Multiple Calendar Views – Month View with banners or wrapping content, Week View, Day View, List of Events, Mobile View
  • Up to 10 Event Types
  • Joomla! and WordPress Plugin
    • Responsive Month View
    • Responsive Detailed List of Events
    • Simple List of Events
    • iCalendar Export Links
    • Extract data by calendar, event type, resource used, etc.
  • Supports Locations with Map Links
  • AJAX or IFRAME Widgets
    • Mini-Calendars
    • Simple List of Events
    • Detailed List of Events
  • Import and Export events in iCalendar for iPhone/Google Calendar and Outlook (watch tutorial), CSV, JSON, or RSS 2.0 XML formats. Also supports importing events from EventBrite and BrownPaperTicket.
  • Recurring Events – Tutorial
    • Monthly
    • Weekly
    • Daily
    • Specific Dates
    • Exceptions to recurring events.
  • Marquee Generator to drive display monitors or signs
  • Search
  • Mobile Device Interface – View the Mobile Device Tutorial.
  • Audit Trail to track changes
  • Color code events
  • High Performance – Scales to thousands or 10’s of thousands of events.

Premium Features

We’re so confident in our premium features that you can test any or all of them for up to 30 days!

Enhanced Tools – $3/month

The Enhanced Tools feature set adds even more capabilities to connectDaily:

  • Public Event Creation
  • Unlimited Event Types
  • Unlimited Telephone Support
  • Unlimited Logins
  • Event Approvals
  • Email or Text Message Reminders for Events. Watch the tutorial.
  • Files Attachments for Events (Word Docs, PDFS, etc)
  • Multiple Time Zone Support
  • Planner/Gantt Chart View

Multiple Calendars – $2 each/month

With the multiple calendars feature, you can create additional calendars. For example, a church could create a calendar for different ministry areas. You can define hierarchies of calendars or use the Advanced Calendar Inclusion feature (below) to select what calendars an event shows on.

Resource Management – $13/Month

connectDaily ensures that two events aren’t using the same room, vehicle, or other resource at the same time.

  • Prevent double-booking of rooms or other resources.
  • Create unlimited rooms, vehicles, or other resources.
  • Assign multiple resources to events.
  • Create linked setup/teardown events to handle additional time when a room may not be available.
  • Resources can require approval to control use.
  • Define attributes like capacity, or room features to easily find the right resources.
  • Includes the Enhanced Tools feature set at no charge!

View the Basic Resource Management Tutorial.

Professional Tools – $20/month or $10 individually

The Professional Tools package includes all of the features shown below, along with the Enhanced Tools feature set. If you just need one of the features, they’re available individually as well.

Advanced Calendar Inclusion

Individually select calendars your event displays on.

Custom Fields

Create your own custom data entry fields for your events. Potential uses include setup/teardown information, additional contact fields, billing information, whatever you want!

Distance Search for Events

Distance search lets your calendar visitors search for events within a specific radius of their location.

Recurring Imports

Automatically import calendar data from other sources including calendars like Google Calendar on regular schedule.

Social Networking Tools

Use connectDaily to publish calendar events to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Allows you to create a campaign of posts to promote your events. View the Facebook and Twitter Integration Tutorial.

Virtual Host Mapping

This feature allows you to have different sets of visible calendars based on the URL used to view the calendar. For example, Parks and Recreation could have one set of visible calendars, while the library could have a different set.