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The Connect Daily Synchronization (sync) program is a utility program that allows you to download events from your Connect Daily web calendar software into Microsoft Outlook or PalmOS PDAs.

The current build number for the Synch program is

It features an intuitive wizard based interface makes importing events from your calendar a snap.

Please take a few minutes to read through these instructions.


For Outlook Synch, this program requires Microsoft Outlook 2000, or Microsoft Outlook 2002 (Office XP).

Welcome Screen

Screen Shot #1

This is the welcome screen. If you don't want to see it again, mark the checkbox. If you mark the checkbox, the wizard will always start on the second page.

URL and Authentication Screen

Screen Shot #2

To begin, enter the URL of the calendar you wish to synchronize to. Generally, this will be something like:

If you just want to test the program, leave the default value of

The synchronization program can work in two modes. Anonymous mode will allow you to see any published calendars. Authenticated mode will allow you to see any calendars in the system you have explicitly been granted rights to.


The calendar administrator can disable synch via anonymous login as a configuration option.

Finally, select the type of device or software you wish to synchronize to.

Calendar and Date Selection

Screen Shot #3

Once you authenticate to the server, a list of possible calendars will be presented. Select the calendar you wish to download events from.

In the two date boxes, select the date range you wish to import events for.

Finally, select your time zone. One time events will have their times converted from the timezone of the server to the timezone you select. Recurring events will not have the time adjusted.

Select Events To Synch

Screen Shot #4

Using your mouse, or keyboard, mark the specific events you wish to import.


Finish Screen

Screen Shot #5

The finish screen allows you to review your choices. If everything looks OK, click on the Finish button.

Once you have completed this process, you will need to synchronize your hand held unit to your desktop.

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