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Sorting Out What You Need

It's important to understand that each kind of calendar application has unique features that make it better suited for its niche.

Now that you know the types of software, we can probably eliminate two categories from your search. PIM's typically do not have an event publishing feature. For example, there's not a built-in feature in Palm Desktop to publish your events to the web. Groupware/Meeting scheduling software typically has a lot of sensitive corporate data and network managers will usually NOT permit direct public access to these kinds of systems. Another barrier is that these kinds of applications are usually selected and maintained at the corporate IT department level.

If you're looking for an individual unshared application, search the internet using the terms PIM or personal information manager. Pricing for PIM applications runs from $30-$200.

If you're looking for groupware, then searching the internet for "groupware", or "meeting scheduling" should get you going in the right direction. Pricing for groupware typically runs around $100 per user.

If you're looking for event publishing software, search the internet for "web calendar software", "web calendars", or "online calendars" Fair warning, the results here can be overwhelming & confusing. The next section, will help you with the task of finding the right web calendar for you.

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