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Worship Services, Ministry events, Meetings, Weddings, Community Events, Classes... The list can seem endless. Organizing a full schedule of events for your church or temple while making sure rooms, equipment and vehicles don't conflict can be a daunting task. There is a solution.

The Solution: Connect Daily Web Calendar
Publish your events on your web site while assigning and tracking your resources quickly & easily. Edit and view your calendar from anywhere using a web browser.

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Why should your organization choose our web calendar?
It has the features you need. Features like resource management, customizable security, approvals, and much more. Push your events to popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter!
It reduces the time spent managing your facility and eliminates double-booking. It allows everyone to see what events are happening at your church.
We provide live telephone support to get you going fast.

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What are users saying about Connect Daily ?

"Thank you so much!! I've already heard compliments about our new calendar."

Patty Hunt, Communications, Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church

"Thanks! The calendar looks great and is exactly what I wanted."

Ralph Fink, Business Administrator, Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church

"We love the Calendar app. It's great for what we need. " "

Erick McGraw, TCBC Ministries