Connect Daily - Web Calendar for Schools

Looking for an interactive web calendar for your School, School District or University? School, School District, University Web Calendar

Connect Daily Web Calendars are the answer.
Schedule your events while assigning and tracking your resources quickly & easily. You can instantly edit and view your calendar from anywhere using your web browser.

No Long Learning Curves with Time Saving Features
Connect Daily web calendar software allows you to enter calendar events intuitively. Repeating events are simple and entered only once saving you valuable time.

Reduce Costly Copying and Lost Documentation
Connect Daily allows calendar attachments, letting you put permission forms and medical releases with your field trips; homework and project notes with your assignments; agendas with your meetings; and more.

Size is not a problem
Whether you are the at the District level and need calendars for every school or are an individual school, whether you have one user or thousands, Connect Daily web calendar software makes staying informed faster and easier.

Purchased or Hosted
You have a choice with Connect Daily. You can install your calendar directly onto your own web server or you can have the same great web calendar software, hosted and maintained for you by MH Software Inc.

Affordable Without Compromising on Ability
Get the most calendaring capability while maintaining your budget. Educational pricing is available.

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