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Month, Week, Day View

Connect Daily supports viewing calendar by month, week or day.

The image below shows the month view calendar.

You can navigate to the next/previous month using the arrows. Moving your mouse over the various icons will display a tool-tip that explains each icon's function.

You can activate the week view by clicking on the "Week nnn" label in the cell for the first day of the week. You can activate the day view by clicking on the numerals for the day. For example, "28".

You can target a specific calendar view by specifying the URL. They are:

ViewCal.html - Month View

The month view calendar has two forms. The first form is the bannerized, or spanned view. Long events are displayed as a span over the range of days. The second form is non-bannerized. Events that span a range of days are shown on each day they occur. You can select which view is used in System | Configuration | Appearance.

See Also: Differences in Month Views

ViewWeek.html - Week View

ViewDay.html - Day View

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