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Changing Appearance

Connect Daily allows you to customize the appearance of your calendar and integrate it into your current website. The Customizing Appearance help topic contains information on how you can make the calendar look like the rest of your website. The Web Site Integration topic contains information on integrating Connect Daily into your site's design.

Connect Daily also has built in tools to get you started quickly. Here's the short version:

  1. When you first login, click on the Change Colors link to set your colors. Select Custom Color Definition to specify your own colors.
  2. Click on the link to Edit Custom Header to set the heading displayed on your calendar, what links you want displayed, and upload a logo.

To let visitors to your website see the calendar, you'll need to create a link to your hosted calendar. Generally, the URL will be something like:

We can also create a virtual host name that people can use to access the calendar. Using a virtual host will allow your visitors to see a URL like http://calendar.yourdomain.zzz/. To use a virtual host name, create a CNAME record that points to CNAME records are also sometimes referred to as ALIAS records.

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