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Hosted Version Operation

The hosted version of Connect Daily allows you to use the software without installing it on your own web server or ISP web server.

We create a private calendar for you to use. Members of your group can update your calendar from wherever they are using a web browser. Visitors to your website can view your calendar events.

When you use the hosted version of Connect Daily, MH Software, Inc. does the following:

  1. We create a private calendar for you to use.
  2. Every day, we back up your events to an off-site location.
  3. We install updates to the software as they are released.
  4. We continually monitor servers to ensure the highest possible availability of your calendar.
  5. We provide reports so you can see who's visiting your calendar.

To sign up for a hosted trial of the calendar, please visit our website:

In This Chapter

Using the Hosted Version

File Transfer Utility

Uploading Files to Our Server

Changing Appearance

Creating a CNAME or Alias for Your Calendar