Are you trying to do facility scheduling using a spreadsheet, or a whiteboard? Is your staff frustrated because they don’t know who’s got a conference room scheduled? Using connectDaily to manage your facilities allows your entire staff to see when a conference room is available right from their desk or one the road. Today’s agile business environment requires frequent coordination and meetings. connectDaily allows you to streamline your scheduling so that you can focus on adding value to your business.

  • Spend less time managing your building. connectDaily reduces the time you spend managing rooms, and allows you to instantly see when a room is used.
  • Stop double-booking conference rooms! Because connectDaily automatically eliminates double-booking, the stress of booking mistakes goes away!
  • Control usage with approvals. connectDaily’s permissions along with resource and event approval system allows you to control who can use specific resources in your facility.

Powerful Scheduling Tools

Advanced features like custom fields allow you to capture additional information for your event. Whether it’s things like catering needs, setup specifics, or contact and billing information. The setup/teardown feature allows you to make sure no one has a room booked when you need to be preparing it for your event. Time zone support ensures that groups working around the globe can accurately see when an event is happening. Great for Webinars and conference calls!


Using connectDaily as your facility scheduling tool makes it easy to get to your calendar data. Whether you want to drive a display unit outside your conference room, or automate environmental and security controls using calendar event data, we make it easy for you to get to. Data export is available in JSON, XML/RSS 2.0, CSV, and iCalendar format.


connectDaily is the most affordable resource and facility scheduling system on the market. It offers advanced tools and is used by thousands of people every day.

Your Complete Facility Scheduling Solution

Streamline Planning

connectDaily’s planner view allows you to easily see what’s happening in your facility today, or what’s happening in a specific room or other resource for any time period.

Simplify Communications

Automatic approval and request messages keep everyone informed. You can also get reminders about events in your facility via Email or SMS text message. There’s even a Marquee feature that allows you to drive a display monitor outside your conference rooms!

Reduce Conflicts

connectDaily allows transparency for facility usage. Its audit trail feature allows you to track changes to an event and identify when they were made and by whom.


connectDaily’s cloud system is ultra-reliable. We also offer telephone and email support if you have questions about using connectDaily.


connectDaily’s approval system allows you to authorize usage of some or all of your facilitie’s resources. You decide!

Mobile Friendly

You can create and edit events using your mobile device. It allows your users to subscribe to the calendar from their desktop or mobile devices allowing your staff to see their calendar from wherever they are.

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