Tired of Scheduling Problems?

Are you looking for a conference room scheduler? Something that will eliminate hassles, make sure that your rooms are booked properly, and eliminate conflicts? connectDaily is a scalable conference room booking solution that can handle even the most demanding needs. It stops embarrassing double-booking and allows your entire organization to see at a glance when a room is available. What can connectDaily do for you?

  • End embarrassing double-booking.
  • Control who can schedule rooms and see information about events.
  • Capture special information about events like catering requests and more.
  • See your room usage across your organization at a glance!
  • Know who booked rooms, and who changed bookings.
  • Access your room schedules in the office, on the road, or wherever you are!

Your Conference Room Scheduling Solution

Streamline Planning

connectDaily’s planner view allows you to easily see what’s happening in your conference rooms today, or what’s happening in a specific room or other resource for any time period.

Simplify Communications

Automatic approval and request messages keep everyone informed. You can also get reminders about events via Email or SMS text message. There’s even a Marquee feature that allows you to drive a display monitor outside your conference room!

Reduce Conflicts

connectDaily allows transparency for resource usage. It’s audit trail feature allows you to track changes to an event and identify when they were made and by whom.


connectDaily’s cloud system is ultra-reliable. We also offer telephone and email support if you have questions about using connectDaily.


connectDaily’s approval system allows you to authorize usage of some or all of your conference rooms. You decide!

Mobile Friendly

connectDaily allows your users to subscribe to the calendar from their desktop or mobile devices allowing your staff to see their calendar from wherever they are.

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