Looking for more than a church calendar? Do you need a way to schedule your church’s rooms, vehicles, and equipment? connectDaily provides an easy-to-use system that not only allows you to get calendar events on your web site, but also provides facility and resource management at the same time. It’s the most comprehensive calendaring solution available for churches.

Church Calendar Resources

Choosing a Church Web Calendar

An article on why a calendar is a critical part of your church web site.

Easter and Related Holidays

An iCalendar file containing Easter and related holidays from 2018-2028. You can import this into calendars like Apple iCal, Google Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook.

WordPress Church Themes

A collection of WordPress themes created specifically for churches.

Joomla Church Templates

A collection of Joomla templates designed to meet the needs of churches.
Spend Less Time Managing Your Church Facility
Managing a busy church calendar with dozens of events each week is hard! That’s why we created connectDaily! It allows you to easily manage your rooms, vehicles, and equipment.
Eliminate Double-Booking
connectDaily’s resource scheduling system prevents you from using the same room for two events at the same time. You no longer have to worry about accidentally booking two events into the same space at the same time!
Improve Attendance
Church members can subscribe to the calendar from their mobile or desktop devices. You get fewer calls and better attendance.
Setup and Teardown
connectDaily’s setup and teardown feature allows you to make sure that no one books your room for the period you’re setting it up.

The Church Calendar System You Need!

Your church needs a calendar on it’s web site. A high quality calendar shows prospective visitors what’s happening in your church. In addition to the spiritual aspects of attending a congregation, people are looking for someplace they can volunteer, meet people with similar interests, or find help with things like divorce recovery, parenting, or other life issues. If you have these things and people can clearly see it on your calendar, they’re more likely to visit.

Additionally, having an accurate calendar on your site reduces calls for members about information. You spend less time answering the phone, and more time carrying out important ministry tasks.

Compatible with WordPress™ and Joomla!™

Are you using WordPress or Joomla? We’ve got you covered. connectDaily includes plugins that provide responsive full-sized calendars, mini-calendars, simple lists of events, detailed lists of events, public event creation, and search. connectDaily seamlessly integrates into your church’s web site. Our outstanding support makes using connectDaily in your site a pain free experience.

No Matter Your Size, We Have You Covered

Whether your church or synagogue is small or large, a connectDaily package is available to meet your needs. Smaller churches appreciate our advanced recurrence and easy-to-use approval system. Larger churches love our resource booking capability. Large groups especially like our custom fields feature. It allows you to create your own fields to capture the information you need to simplify your life. If you need a church events calendar, connectDaily can handle your needs.

Facilities Staff Love Us!

Your facility staff will love connectDaily. The planner view and list view make it easy to see your church schedule at a glance. connectDaily’s marquee feature lets you setup a monitor in your foyer to direct visitors to your events. Your staff can access your resource schedule from anywhere in your facility using their mobile device!

Your Complete Church Scheduling Solution

Streamline Planning

connectDaily’s planner view allows you to easily see what’s happening in your church facility today, or what’s happening in a specific room or other resource for any time period.

Simplify Communications

Automatic approval and request messages keep everyone informed. You can also get reminders about events via Email or SMS text message. There’s even a Marquee feature that allows you to drive a display monitor in your foyer or entrance!

Reduce Conflicts

connectDaily allows transparency for resource usage. It’s audit trail feature allows you to track changes to an event and identify when they were made and by whom.


connectDaily’s cloud system is ultra-reliable. We also offer telephone and email support if you have questions about using connectDaily.


connectDaily’s approval system allows you to control events that are posted AND also control usage of some or all of your resources. You decide!

Mobile Friendly

connectDaily allows your staff and church members to subscribe to the calendar from their desktop or mobile devices allowing them to see your calendar from wherever they are.

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