Printing Issues

Printing calendars can be hard. This topic explains a few of the problems related to printing and how they can be worked with.

The most common issue people encounter is trying to get the calendar to print entirely on one page. If you can't reduce the font-size any further and you're still having some problems, here are some tips:

It is important to note that sometimes you just can't make things fit. Your only choice is to decrease your point size, or increase the paper size.

Example: A customer had events in their calendar where the title was 22 characters wide, and the event was present on each of 7 days. The number of characters present was 154 characters. Printing 154 characters in a page width of 7.5 inches requires a point size of 3.5pts. This is well below the ability of most people to read.

Special Notes about FireFox

FireFox has a feature to limit the minimum font size, with a default setting of 10pt. You can override this by Choosing TOOLS | OPTIONS from the menu. Select the option for Content. In the Fonts and Colors section, click on the Advanced button. Using the dropdown, set the "Minimum font size" to none.

Special Notes about Internet Explorer 6 and 7

By default, IE will not print background colors for events. If you are coloring your events, and you want to print them in color, here's what to do:

From the menu, choose TOOLS | INTERNET Options. Change to the Advanced tab and scroll down to the printing section. Check the option for "Print background colors and images".