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Cascading Style Sheets

The primary way you customize the appearance of your calendars is by changing the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) that the system uses. The style sheet allows very precise control over fonts, font-sizes, and colors for the calendaring system. In the application directory is a file named style.css. You can either edit this style sheet or incorporate the special elements from this style sheet into your primary style sheet and change the DefaultStyleSheet parameter in your configuration properties file to point to it.


You can use the Change Colors Screen to easily change to a pre-defined style sheet, or create your own custom style sheet.

You can specify a different style sheet for each calendar. If no style sheet is specified at the calendar level, then the style sheet specified by the DefaultStyleSheet property in file will be applied.

The default style sheet for Connect Daily is named userStyle.css.

For information on how CSS works we recommend you visit the W3.Org website:

When you print in Connect Daily, it will also reference a style sheet specifically for printing. The default printing style sheet is the file css/print.css. You can edit this file to change the appearance of Connect Daily calendars when you print them.

Note If you change the style sheet for the administration portion of the calendar system, you will also need to edit the menu_var.js file in the cdaily-4.0.8/scripts directory. This file controls the colors for the menu system.

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