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Upgrading from version 3.4.x to 4.0.8

Please completely read these instructions BEFORE beginning your upgrade process.


SQL Database Users

Using the appropriate utility for your RDBMS, create a backup of your SQL Database.

Instructions for Default Windows Installations

If you used the Connect Daily downloader, then you should follow these steps to upgrade. If you are using a different engine, or OS, then skip to the "Generic Application Server Instructions".

  1. Stop the Connect Daily service.
  2. Run the Connect Daily Downloader and install the new version of Connect Daily. This will leave the old version intact.
  3. Stop the Connect Daily service.
  4. Copy any customized header/footer html files, as well as any modified CSS files from the old cdaily-x.x.x directory to the cdaily-4.0.8 directory.
  5. Start the Connect Daily Service.
  6. Database scripts will automatically be run. You do not have to do anything for Database Updates.

Generic Application Service Upgrade Steps

  1. Stop your application server.
  2. Backup your cdaily-4.0.8/WEB-INF/ file.
  3. Backup any custom EMail templates or caption translation files you have created.
  4. Remove the existing calendar application directory.
  5. Extract the zip or WAR file containing Connect Daily into the appropriate directory for your application server.
  6. Copy the file you saved in step 2 to the WEB-INF directory. If you are using MS Access, copy the calendar.mdb file you saved prior to beginning into the WEB-INF\SQL\Access directory.
  7. Follow the instructions in the Database Updates section below.
  8. If you copied your database JDBC driver JARs into the WEB-INF/lib directory, recopy them to the WEB-INF/lib.
  9. If you are using your own translated caption files, refer to the Installation Guide and User manual for instructions on how to ensure you have all captions in your file.
  10. Restart your application server.

Database Updates

SQL Database Users

  1. Write down your current program version.

    Edit your file. For the upgrade script to run, you must create a file that uses a standard JDBC Connect String. This is because the upgrade script will not have access to JNDI variables when it runs. For information on editing, refer to
  4. Run the db upgrade scripts in the WEB-INF/sql directory. If your current version <

    Your Version < 3.1.x - run310.bat or .sh
    Your Version < 3.2.x - run320.bat or .sh
    Your Version < 3.3.x - run330.bat or .sh
    Your Version < 3.4.x - run340.bat or .sh
    Your Version < 4.0.x - run400.bat or .sh

    You must run each required script in order.

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