Initial Setup

Once the software is installed, the following steps will make your calendar fully operational.

  1. Login to the system and change the password for the Admin User account. If you're using a hosted calendar, login using the User name and password you received when you signed up for the online calendar.
  2. Add User accounts for people who will be using the system. If you have many Users who will need the same permissions, you can simplify your security configuration by creating Groups and assigning the Users to Groups. Permissions can then be assigned to the Group.
  3. Add Event Types for the kinds of events you will be scheduling.
  4. Add Resource Types for the resources you will be adding.
  5. Add resources that will be used on your calendar. Examples would be conference rooms, vehicles, etc.
  6. Create your calendars.
  7. Assign permissions to your Calendars and Resources to the Users or Groups you created.
  8. Add your calendar events.
  9. Publish your Calendars.

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Logging Into Connect Daily

Adding Groups

User Accounts

Adding and Editing Resource Types

Adding and Editing Resources

Adding Calendars

Add Calendar Wizard

Setup Public Calendar Viewing

Adding Event Types

Editing Locations