Additional Services for Your Connect Daily Web Calendar

Service Fees
These are available services that are outside the normal scope of the 90-day upgrade & maintenance that accompanies your Connect Daily purchase.
Level 1 Services
Includes the following services:
  • Customizing headers and footers
  • Windows installation
  • Data Conversion (PgSQL, Access, SQL Server)
  • Data Restore (hosted calendars)
$75 per service
Level 2 Services
Includes the following services:
  • Javascript or Flash menu integration
  • Linux Installation
  • LDAP/Authentication Assistance
  • Security Configuration (Customer to provide written specification)
$150 per service
Level 3 Services (Hourly)
Includes the following services:
  • Software customization
  • Data conversion (DB2, Oracle, Sybase, 3rd party calendar software data)
  • Services not listed in Level 1 or 2
$125 per hour

For a service estimate or to schedule your service call us at (303) 438-9585.

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