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January 2013
In This Issue: New Calendar Integration WordPress Plugin / Improved Performance! / Learn About AJAX & JSONP
Support / Enhancements

September 2012
In This Issue: Learning Made Easy! / Mobile Viewer - Rave Reviews! / It's All About the Service

March 2012
In This Issue: New Internal Look & Feel / Attachments with Your Events / Helping Your Bottom Line

Special Edition - October 2011
In This Issue: Connecting on the go with iPhone & Android / Looking Ahead & the future of Connect Daily

September 2011
In This Issue: Special Views for Mobile Devices / Printing Your Calendar / Customizing the Appearance of Your Calendar

April 2011
In This Issue: Bannerized Views / Web Site Integration Wizard / Integrating Connect Daily with WordPress, Joomla and other CMS Sites / Using Connect Daily with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace

Using CSS to Control Your Calendar Appearance
In This Issue: Simple Color Changes / Really Simple CSS Example / Using the FireFox Web Developer Plugin / Hiding Icons and Other Elements Using Attribute Selectors / Adding Icons to your Calendar's Display

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