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What's new in Version 4.0.4 Released 2014-XX-XX

	Minor Enhancements

	The event approval screen now defaults events that 
	have passed to deny.

	Privacy for publicly added events is forced to none.

	Added spam checking to system.

	Imported events are now tested for scripting safety 
	and spam.

	Bug Fixes

	Fixed an issue for specific date events that could cause
	resource conflicts to not be detected if a duration was 
	specified, and could also have a side effect of changing
	the specific date values.

	The mobile view now uses the same caption for the Addl.
	Info URL that the standard view does.

	In the mobile view, When you clicked on a recurring event 
	for details, the wrong date would be displayed.

	Fixed a NPE in Edit Resource Types when using attributes
	and a caption was not specified.

	Upgraded PDFBox to 1.8.8.

What's new in Version 4.0.3 Released 2014-11-14

	Major Enhancements

	WordPress Plugin:

		Created a native month view calendar that is

		Simple list of events widget, and mini-calendar 
		widget, the dialog showing the events is appropriately 
		sized based on the screen width.

		The detailed list of events short-code is now 

		Created a detailed list of events widget that
		is also responsive.
	Minor Enhancements

	Resource approval related messages now include the event 
	start and end time along with recurrence information if 

	Re-enabled REQUIRED attributes on custom fields.

	Edit Event: changed form submission logic to allow 
	dynamically added REQUIRED attributes on fields. Add 
	formnovalidate  attributes to delete buttons on various 

	You can now optionally allow people using the public 
	add event screen to have access to the rich text 
	editor. Manually edit and add

	The edit event screen image uploader now checks the 
	mime types of uploaded files and rejects ones that 
	are not images.

	Bug Fixes

	Fixed a problem with image attachments if the attachment
	file name was thumbnail.jpg.

	If the item styles are not tied to item type, and the user
	doesn't have permission to change the style, the dropdown is 
	not displayed.

	If you set the default calendar view to mobile, and then 
	used the option for standard browser version, it took you 
	to the mobile view.

	Fixed a resource conflict detection issue. If you created a 
	specific dates event with a resource,  and then added a 
	conflicting date to the bottom of the date list, the conflict 
	would not be detected.

	Fixed a (non-security/exploitable) directory traversal 
	error in the File Transfer screen.

	Recompiled SMSJ.jar to work with JDK 1.6

	Upgraded PDFBox to 1.8.7.

	Upgraded Tomcat installation to 7.0.56.

	Updated Java to 1.8.0_U25.

What's new in Version 4.0.2 Released 2014-09-22

	Minor Enhancements

	Upgraded Dojo to version 1.10.1 to work with iOS 8.

	If time zone support is enabled, the various import
	screens now allow you to specify the default time
	zone for imported events.

	Changed the behavior of the simple list of events IFrame
	widget to show repeated events.

	Bug Fixes

	Added thumbnail images for different calendar views back 
	to Web Site Integration Wizard.

	Added a workaround for Dojo's broken file mask on the
	insert local image plugin.

	Fixed an issue in the thumbnailer if there was no file
	extension on an image URL.

What's new in Version 4.0.1 Released 2014-09-16

	Major Enhancements

	Created a marquee/slideshow generator page feature. You
	can use this feature to create a slideshow of upcoming
	events to display on a monitor or kiosk device. To 
	generate a marquee, select the option on page 2 of the
	web site integration wizard.

	Minor Enhancements

	The rich text editor can now insert a local image when
	editing an event. Please note that the only browser
	that supports resizing images is Firefox.

	The mobile interface can now create reminders.

	Added handling to the image thumbnailer for bad urls.

	Added a purge routine to periodically clean out the
	thumbnail directory.

	Search text box now autofocuses on search screens.

	On the edit user screen, added the autocomplete 
	attributes for the user name and password to stop
	Safari from auto-completing them with the current
	user's name and password.

	Bug Fixes

	Fixed a variant of a cross-site scripting attack that
	could be triggered through public add of events.

	Fixed an issue on the edit reminders screen that caused
	the section labels to be invisible.

	Editing an instance of a recurring event would disable 
	reminders for any occurrence but the last.

	The view event screen would show the edit icon if the
	user had permission to edit others events, but not
	permisssions to add events.

	Repair Security screen was not repairing approval flags
	when ala-carte calendar selection was enabled.
	Cleaned up the events pending approval by others section 
	of the approval screen for ala-carte.
	Fixed a problem when editing an occurrence of a recurring 
	event and ala-carte calendar selection is enabled. 

	Cleanup in the code to edit an occurrence, or this and 
	future events.

	Added a workaround to the mobile edit item screen where 
	the Dojo library was disabling checkbox and radio elements.

	Fixed a bug involving custom fields on the mobile screen.

	Fixed an issue where the create social media post icon 
	would appear if there were no authenticated social media 

	Fixed a null pointer problem in LDAP authentication when
	GuessDN was set and a user was being created.

	Fixed a problem when changing the link type on page one of
	the integration wizard.

	Disabled image thumbnailing if running in cluster mode.

	Fixed a problem in custom fields if the field type was
	time or date.

	Fixed an issue with the show resources option in the mobile 

	System configuration difference logging on did not work
	correctly in Setup Public Calendar Viewing.

	Fixed an issue when using the manage reminders screen to edit
	reminders for other users.

	Fixed a problem in the notification queue logic that caused 
	extraneous log entries.

	Fixed an exception in List View when an invalid date
	argument was supplied.

	Fixed an issue in the mobile interface when editing a series or 
	instance on iOS.

	Upgraded Dojo to 1.10 which solved a problem in the
	location selection widget for the mobile interface.

	Upgraded PDFBox to 1.8.6.
	Upgraded JavaMail API to 1.5.2
	Upgraded Derby to

What's new in Version 4.0.0 Released 2014-06-03

	Major Enhancements
	Added the following enhancements to the reminder system.

		You can get reminders via text message.
		(US & Canada, other countries may depend upon

		You can set multiple reminders for each event.

		You can set reminders from 10 minutes to 30 days
		before an event.

		If an event that has reminders is exported via 
		iCal, VALARM entries will be exported as well.

	Added Support for Social Networking (Twitter and Facebook).
	You can now push events from Connect Daily into Facebook
	or Twitter and setup schedules to create campaigns for

	Added a new feature called Ala-Carte Event Inclusion. This 
	feature allows users to select the specific calendar an event 
	appears on. This feature is only available on the corporate
	and enterprise packs.

	Support for locations at the event and resource level.
	Locations can be directly assigned to events, or they can be
	assigned to resources. You can view or export events by 
	location. It's now possible to create a campus, and then a 
	building location with each campus, and then create resources
	within each building, allowing views of resources grouped
	by building or campus. If an event uses a location that has a 
	latitude and longitude, the iCalExport will include a GEO 

	Rewrote user interface for mobile view. Mobile View now
	uses device specific themes to mimic native appplications. 
	Single day view has been changed to a list view that shows
	multiple days at a time and infinitely scrolls up and down.

	Email messages are now in HTML format for better appearance.
	EMail templates now have a link to the manual that
	documents why the user is getting the message and how 
	to disable or eliminate it. For reminders or notification
	requests, the originating user is given.

	Corporate/Enterprise versions: Added attributes to
	resources. You can now create custom attributes like 
	max capacity, has projector, etc for resources. The
	create event screen for those versions now provides
	a filtering capability to search for resources meeting
	a specific need.

	Updated icon set to use new flat font icon set. This 
	icon set provides an updated appearance and allows icons 
	to follow calendar color settings. Consolidated multiple
	icons on calendar view pages to subset with a "More" 
	dropdown button.

	Added a filter by event type options as a User level
	preference. Using this feature, you can filter on more
	than one event type at a time.

	Minor Enhancements

	Restructured menu system to be simpler to understand.

	The password reset system has been changed to use a 
	one-time token and not actually change the user's password, 
	but transparently logs the user in and takes them to the 
	password change screen. Additionally, if you use the screen
	multiple times, any message sent will work. A successful 
	login will invalidate any temporary login URL tokens.

	Changing system configuration now generates a log entry
	that includes a difference comparison between the old and
	new config.

	Defaulted the width of the non-bannerized month view to
	be 100%.

	Moved Select View dropdown to upper right corner of month 
	views. Modified planner view so that all controls are on 
	the same line.

	A more detailed warning dialog is displayed on delete

	Modified the IFrame List and Detailed List widgets to
	perform additional filtering for event types or resources.
	Modified the mini-calendar view to perform additional 
	filtering for event types or resources.

	The advanced search screen now defaults to the current 
	date plus 12 months if no range is specified.

	Added Tutorial links to appropriate pages.

	Created an image thumbnailing system for images embedded
	in event descriptions. The thumbnailer retrieves remote
	images, creates a thumbnail, and stores them locally.
	This eliminates problems with remote images disappearing
	or changing in content. It can also improve end-user
	experience if the remote image is very large. The HTML 
	event description is transparently re-written to use the 
	thumbnail images.

	If you embed an image directly into an event description,
	that image is serialized out to the file system and 
	thumbnailed if appropriate. This allows the browser to
	cache the image, and makes it so that when you're editing
	the event, you're not constantly shoving large images
	back and forth. Additionally, copies of the event will
	all point to the same image.

	Modified custom fields wizard to ensure that only characters
	a-z,A-z,0-9,_ are used in custom field names.
	The change header screen now has options to remove
	the header. Additionally, simplified available links 
	selection and the select links block puts the selected
	links in the calendar's More icon.

	Improved CSS Generator when using certain color
	combinations. Added additional color selection, for event 
	description color. The system now supports creating a 
	custom snippet file that will be appended to the style
	sheet when selecting a default or creating a custom style 

	Group edit screen now logs system permission changes, 
	along with user additions and removals from group. 
	User Edit screen now logs system permission changes, 
	along with group additions or removals.

	Changed appearance of approve screens. Events are grouped 
	by calendar, and the display is more compact, and gives 
	more details about the event.

	Added adaptive feature to Edit Event screen. When creating
	a new event, the session will keep track of the events 
	that you've edited and set field defaults and form defaults 
	(e.g. Long Description field expanded) based on the previous
	events you've edited.

	Added an option to limit the select month/year dropwdown
	to the previous 3 months to plus one year. The configuration
	option is in System | Configuration | Appearance.

	Resources now have an Active field which allows you to
	hide or retire a resource while retaining it's history.

	Improved URL handling in event creation:

		If the Additional Info URL field contains a domain
		or host name that is resolvable, it will be prefixed 
		with http:// If the Additional Info URL field is 
		found in the long description, it will be made 

	        If EditItem.html is being called from a public 
		add page or mobile screen, any http:// text will 
		be made clickable links.

		The rich text editor now detects when a URL is
		typed in, and links will automatically be created.

	URLs for export (iCal, RSS, JSON)  that are not publicly 
	visible now have a user_id/token clause added to the URL. 
	This allows access to the exports without manually adding
	the user name and password to the URL. JSON export URL's
	are now available in View | Export | JSON Export.

	Added support for authentication using SMTP/SSL. Corrected 
	an issue in the test Email send that kept the results of
	the test from being displayed. SMTP/TLS now ignores whether
	the certificate is trusted or not.

	Added system configuration option to notify contacts about
	added event when a new event is created and it is 

	The rich text editor now defaults images that are inserted 
	as float left, padding-right, 10 pixels. A future version 
	will make this configurable. If desired, you can edit the HTMl 
	source to remove the style= clause on the inserted image.

	Changed notification user reconfirm period to allow
	disabling the feature by entering a reconfirm period of 0.

	Bug Fixes

	Fixed a problem with license keys in clustered configuration
	if the hosts had different UpdateExpirationDate values.

	Fixed a unicode encoding problem in JSON Export.

	Fixed an issue with Number HTML Inputs.

	Changing event reccurrence to specific dates event 
	wasn't unhiding the form element correctly.

	Validate event now catches the case where you specify a
	annual recurrence on an invalid day, like Annually, on
	Day 31 of Month September. Fixed a save problem when the 
	recurrence interval was set to an invalid value.

	Fixed a problem in iCal export if an event had a time
	zone name that was a substring of another name. E.G. 
	America/Dawson, and America/Dawson_Creek.

	Fixed a problem in iCal export if a recurring event had
	a series end date and you tried to export the event on
	that date.

	Fixed a problem in iCal  import if a VALARM entry had
	a UID property. This could cause duplicate events to
	be created via import.

	Fixed a problem in the attachment processor that could
	cause the page to display as raw HTML under some 

	If you use the Undo feature, any audit trail entries for
	restored events between the time of the undo create, and
	the undo event are removed.

	Updated WordPress Plugin to version 0.9.7. Resolves an
	issue with the short code dialog not appearing on the new
	post page.

	Fixed a problem when editing the parent of an event. The
	edit event dialog would appear in the popup window, not the
	main window.

	Fixed an issue in search. If you had the option set to
	display search results in calendar format, and the 
	search range was in the past, the calendar would not
	auto-advance to the first found event.

	Fixed a problem where certain color combinations could
	cause the editor dialog boxes to have unreadable text.

	Edit User screen, moved Enabled to more prominent position 
	in list.

	Fixed some issues in Email notifications where operator 
	comments were not being included as part of the message.

	Fixed a problem when using EditItem to do public add.

	Fixed a problem with approvals on events when a narrow
	set of specific conditions is encountered.

	Tweaked the mailer system so that iCalendar attachments
	have a content-type of text/calendar and not application/

	Fixed a problem where the option for skip display of parent 
	events on planner view was not persisting.

	Fixed an issue on the Edit Item screen where following an
	edit link in an Email message did not take you to the login
	screen as expected.

	Added HTTP Response code handling to iCal Importer and
	recurring import thread. HTTP redirects were silently 
	failing with no diagnostic message. 

	If an event can't be approved because of validation errors,
	those validation errors are displayed on the approval screen.

	When adding events, you can now uncheck approved and have it
	stick on the initial save.

	Added a system to force CSS refreshes when a file's 
	timestamp changes.

	Added a work-around to force Connect Daily out of 
	compatibility mode when running in Microsoft Internet
	Explorer. Compatibility breaks the CSS Font based icons.

	The system was Emailing contacts if an event was added
	pending approval even though the system setting to mail
	contacts on event add was set to no.

	If notify contacts on add is yes, and a contact has a 
	regular account with the option to suppress approval 
	requests set, that user will not receive a notification
	when an event is added.

	Added support for proxy server, and ignoring SSL errors
	to Cookie Signon Authenticator. Authenticator now sets
	user agent to "Connect Daily vX.X.X Single Signon 
	Authenticator" because some servers would reject the 
	default user-agent string of "Java/1.x.x". Fixed issue
	where Debug in was ignored.

	Setup Public Calendar Viewing screen will now remove
	the guest user from all groups prior to setting the 
	various permissions and options.

	If you were viewing the day planner view and switched
	to list view, the display would be list view for a month
	and not list view for the specific day.

	If Virtual Host Mapping is configured, attempting to 
	use the Setup Public Calendar Viewing will display a 
	message explaining that screen is disabled for your 

	Logging resource approvals against an event would fail 
	if there were no mail recipients being notified about
	the approval/denial. 

	Repair security screen now checks for Approvers with Revoke
	on Edit permission and deletes the Revoke on Edit Permission
	if found. Additionally, various edit security screens
	detect and remove the redundant permission.

	The view item detail screen will now have the event title
	as the HTML title element when called from a social media
	link. This will allow the Add This plugin to access the
	event title. Previously, the title would be the title from
	the custom header.

	The AddThis links displayed on the list view with details
	now includes the event title.

	Fixed an issue in resource approval messages. The 
	event name was always showing as the calendar name - 

	Fixed an issue in Edit Notification Filter if changing
	filter type.

	Fixed a problem in the Edit Event screen. The input
	widget would incorrectly display 12:00 PM for 12:00 AM 
	value. The same error would also cause a spurious out
	of bound error message for events that had a start time
	of 12:00 PM.

	Corrected an issue where the repair security would 
	incorrectly remove system-wide permissions. E.G. Add

	Major overhaul/corrections to time parsing and formatting
	code to handle languages where the AM/PM strings were not
	AM/PM. E.G. Chinese or Korean.

	Fix to mini-calendar display to handle Chinese language 
	where the micro-abbreviation is the last character of the
	day of week, not the first character of the day of week.

	Modified Approve Resources screen to show complete event
	details for events when you click on the detail icon.

	Fixed an issue in edit user that stopped Email address 
	from being converted to lower case before save.

	Fixed an issue in the Edit Reminder screen where on some
	servlet containers, the window would dislay HTML code 
	rather than closing as expected.

	If an event conflict was detected at the calendar level
	during save, the link to display the conflict details 
	did not work.

	If you attempt to delete a used resource, the resource
	will be marked as inactive, and an explanation given about
	deleting used resources versus marking them inactive.

	If you attempt to delete a used event type, the screen
	will display a list of events that are of that event type.
	The list resources screen now allows you to filter for
	active or inactive resources.

	If an event was updated by import, and the resources
	assigned to the event changed, old resources were left
	associated with the event. Fixed.

	Fixed an issue in iCalImport. If an event was imported
	with an ORGANIZER, and the organizer named contained a 
	comma, the imported value would have the \ escape 

	CSV Export now has an option to strip html from the long
	description. Fixed an issue in CSV Export where contact_name 
	was exporting twice, and contact_info was not exporting.

	RSS Import will now bring data wrapped in CDATA sections.
	Did additional work in the auto-legend generation to only
	show legends for event types or styles that are displayed
	during the date range.

	Fixed issue in CSV Export where URLs were not exporting.

	JSONProcessor now accepts number of days offset as an 
	argument allowing you to get events for tomorrow or next

	If an event is being updated, via iCal import, the program
	checks for the absence of information and clears those fields
	if already set. For example, if there is a long description
	and the iCal import does not have a long description, then
	that value is cleared.

	Added new data type of time for custom fields. If
	a time type is selected, a time picker is automatically
	used for input. The mobile interface will display an
	HTML 5 time input device.

	The mobile interface will now display custom date fields
	as HTML 5 date input devices.

	Corrected a problem in the edit item screen when editing
	linked events. The background color should have been blue
	to give a visual hint this was a linked item. 

	Date fields will now display the expected format using an
	HTML 5 placeholder attribute.

	If a user had a time zone cookie set and went to the
	setup public calendar viewing screen, that cookie would
	be used as the default time zone.

	Fixed an issue in bannerized month view where the popup
	link was still active even if the privacy of an event was

	Changing the notification filter type from keywords to 
	keywords and set was creating a filter without the user
	actually saving it.
	Fixed an issue in the Notification Request edit screen.
	If you specified Title Field Only, it searched all 
	fields, while All Fields would only search the title 

	The web site integration wizard now generates URLs without
	show stop time/show resource arguments allowing the pages
	to follow the system preferences.

	If you configured Day View to be a list view format, and
	then used the Select View dropdown to change to day view,
	you were always shown the planner format day view.

	Corrected an issue in CSV export if you used double-quote
	characters in the event title.

	Corrected an issue in notifications where approved 
	events had the name of the event owner listed as the 
	event approver. Additionally, operator notes from 
	approval will be included.

	When saving specific date events with a duration, the 
	program will now verify that a specific date does not 
	overlap with another. If an overlap is detected, the
	overlapping date is removed.

	Corrected an issue in edit event if an invalid HTML IMG
	tag was present.

	If view by calendar is called with item_type_id=0, then
	the item type displayed will be the default item type for
	the user's default calendar.

	Fixed a minor cross-site scripting vulnerability.

	Added a workaround in Repair Security for deleting 
	redundant permissions to to handle a self-join/update 
	statement that MySQL doesn't like. The remaining statements 
	will be executed even if this one doesn't.

	Added work-around to CSV import to handle extraneous
	spaces in data.

	Made Oracle insert triggers conditional so they work with the 
	Database Converter.

	LDAP/AD Authentication

	Fixed an issue with suffix not being applied for LDAP bind
	when GuessDN was set.

	Changed LDAP authenticator so that if full name or email 
	address in LDAP are empty, don't overwrite Connect Daily's 
	account information. EMail addresses retrieved from LDAP/AD 
	are converted to lower case for compatibility.

	By default, LDAP/AD authentication will no longer verify
	the SSL certificate used for encryption. If desired,
	you can edit to restore the old behavior.

	When creating new users with LDAP/AD authentication, the 
	program was not setting the user name and Email Address
	from the directory until the user logged in.

	Fixed an issue in LDAP Authentication when a case sensitve
	database was used.

	DB2 Specific Fixes

	Added a work-around on the Manage Reminders screen to
	handle IBM DB2's non-standard implementation of the 
	SQL-92 SUBSTRING() function.

	Created passOneElimination() UDF for DB2.

	iCal Import: Added specific handling for DB2 and recurring 
	import links if the import results message is extremely long.

	Fixed an issue in the notification queue purge when 
	using IBM DB2.

	Fixed an issue when using IBM DB2 where identity fields
	did not work correctly under WebSphere.

	Components Upgraded
	Upgraded Dojo toolkit from 1.6 to 1.9.3+git
	Upgrade derby to version
	Upgraded JavaMail API to 1.5.0
	Upgraded PDF Thumbnailing code to PDFBox 1.8.5
	Upgraded Tomcat version to 7.0.53 for installed version.
	Updated timezone rules for export to version 2014b.
	Updated commons-file-upload to 1.3.1
	Updated imgscalr to 4.2

What's new in Version 3.4.16 Released 2013-03-16

	Added support for Apache Derby as the database.

	Made Apache Derby the default installation database.
	Microsoft Access is no longer a supported database for 
	versions beyond 3.14.15. The Windows installer will
	automatically convert from data from Access to Apache 

	WAR file now deploys with zero configuration.

	Implemented Backup for Apache Derby and Microsoft SQL Server.
	Use the System | Configuration | Database Configuration
	screen to create backups of these databases.

	Windows Installer:

	Now creates x64 native installations rather than x86
	installations on Windows x64. Existing x86 installs 
	will remain x86.

	Upgraded Tomcat version to 7.0.37

	Converts Access database to Derby.

	Now runs database upgrade scripts automatically.

	Uninstall now displays progress messages. Corrected 
	issues affecting uninstall on Win64.

	Cleaned up JDBC Driver copying from existing installation
	to new installation..

	Creates start menu item to adjust service parameters.

	Windows Control Panel now shows information about the


	Fixed a problem where the select and displayed data were
	not in synch on the planner view.

	Corrected a case-sensitivity issue with the Manage Security
	Wizard for the item list.

	Replaced the external FoxPro based database conversion 
	utility with an internal, Java based utility that won't
	require ODBC drivers. Refer to the database installation 
	section of the manual for information.

	Added additional logging to the LDAP Authenticator to
	report additional cases.

	Custom field validation now validates all input sets for
	errors rather than stopping on the first error in a 
	custom field.

	Fixed timezone handling in simple list iframe widget
	and detailed list iframe widget.

	Updated file upload libraries to more current versions 
	to address random problem in file upload.

	Added in-database filtering support to MySQL.

	Fixed an issue in importing from remote sources. The 
	routine wasn't setting a connect or read timeout and 
	under some circumstances, the import thread would block
	infinitely. This could cause the recurring import 
	thread to stop processing.

	Fixed an infinite loop for a recurrence pattern with a
	duration and an exception date.

	Minor cleanup in shutdown code to not throw NPE.

What's new in Version 3.4.15 Released 2013-01-12

	Added a WordPress Plugin that integrates Connect Daily
	into WordPress sites. The plugin provides Mini-Calendar
	widgets, Simple and Detailed List of Events widgets, and
	IFRAME widgets for inserting full-sized calendars.

	Added server-side filtering to optimize very large data
	sets. Added optimization for displaying calendars when
	show resources is turned on and for handling attachments. 
	The combined effect is a speedup of approximately 10x at
	the server, and 3x for users.

	Created a JSONP data export to simplify AJAX programming.
	RSS and iCal export support additional filtering options
	so you can filter on more than one thing at a time.

	Added a single-signon cookie based authentication provider
	that allows you to configure Connect Daily to use another
	web application as the authentication source.

	Rewrote LDAP authentication. System now supports multiple 
	domain/servers and multiple contexts. Property lookup 
	(full name, email, group membership) now works without
	a lookup account. Login form now supports a prompt for 
	the name format the user should enter. Fixed a problem 
	where users could be auto-created even though they had 
	not successfully authenticated to the tree.

	View Event details now provides a hyper-link that can be
	copied and pasted into Emails or social networking sites.
	This link will only be displayed when logged in.

	Added a show/hide resource names option to the mobile
	options screen. Changed default mobile style sheet to 
	match the non-mobile default style sheet. Added site help
	to the mobile view. Revised mobile view to make better use
	of limited space.

	If you change from month view to list view for the current
	month, then the default display will be the current date 
	plus 30 days.

	Improved Import logging for created events.

	If Auto Legend is turned on and there are no custom styles,
	the legend div will not be displayed.

	Added configuration option to allow public add to create

	Custom field validation occurs at the same time as
	regular field validation.

	Fixed a problem in the bannerized month view that caused
	the day headings to be incorrect for locale English/Ireland.

	Custom field dropdowns will now display a prompt to
	select a value rather than defaulting to the first element
	in the list.

	Corrected a menu rendering issue when a section 508
	compatible menu was selected. If resources are turned
	off, the Approval menu pad now takes you directly to
	the approvals page.

	Corrected an issue where editing this and future date
	of a specific dates event would not work correctly.
	If the database design is modified so that the long 
	description field does not allow nulls, then the field
	will default to expanded. This feature is dependent
	upon the JDBC Driver correctly implementing isNullable().

	iCal Import will not create periodic import link if the
	source file does not have UIDs for all events.

	Privacy options dropdown is not displayed for public
	event add.

	Resolved cross site scripting issues.

	The rich text editor will now detect copy and paste from
	MS Word and direct the user to the Paste From Word feature.

	Fixed a problem in the edit event screen when changing
	the recurrence type from one-time to recurring. The start
	date value was not retained as the recurrence start date.
	Additionally, if start date is changed to a value after
	the end date, the end date is forced to the new start date.

	Fixed a problem on the edit preferences screen where a 
	planner end time of midnight would not be retained.

	The reminder login screen now displays an error message if
	more than one account with a specific email address is found.

	If resource management was turned off, many screens still
	had references to resources and resource types. Removed.

	Smart calendar return was not working for planner view.
	If you were using the planner view and added an event that
	was not in the date range you were viewing, selecting
	return to planner view did not take you to a planner view
	that showed the new event.

	Fixed a problem on planner view where date selections were
	not recalled on re-entry to the planner view screen.

	Fixed an issue where calendar sort for public calendar viewing
	could be lost.

	Fixed an issue when editing an instance of a specific dates

	You can now set the planner view as the default calendar view.

	Search screen supports searching for events by Connect Daily
	event ID. Added System Configuration parameter DisplayEventID
	to enable display of event id in edit event and view item

	iCal Export now only exports events from the previous 30 days 
	+ future events. Previously, it would export all events in the 
	calendar, including events in the past. If you need the old 
	behavior, add the argument include_past=1 to your request URL. 
	iCal data will now be GZIP compressed if the client supports

	iCal Export - fixed an issue where untimed recurring events would
	have an UNTIL clause with an extra day. Also fixed an issue where
	an event with a start time, but no end time would have an incorrect
	UNTIL clause.

	RSS export will now be GZIP compressed if the client supports 
	it. Requests for invalid things (bad calendar id, etc) now 
	return 404 not found.

	Export routines - if a username and password were present on
	the url as arguments, and login using those credentials failed,
	the system would continue processing using the guest login. Now,
	if  credentials are present and they don't work, 401 Forbidden
	is returned.

	If container authentication is improperly configured, 
	a useful error message is now displayed.

	Fixed minor CSS problem on ViewList.html.

	If you edit an event that has resources you don't have 
	permission to use, those resources will be preserved
	when you save.

	Fixed a problem in attachments where file names containing
	spaces or other special characters would not have the correct
	default file name for save.

	Fixed an infinite loop in month view if you used exception
	dates with certain recurrence patterns.

	If you set day view style to single day list, and the 
	default view to day view, you will now get the list view 
	for a single day, rather than the planner view.

	Repaired some issues when using Amazon's Silk browser on
	Kindle Fire.

	Removed HTML 5 required attribute from custom fields that
	are required. This was causing users to not be able to 
	abandon creation of a new event. Required fields will still
	be caught by validation routines.

	Fix an array out of bounds error on the advanced search
	screen if the starting date was null, and the ending date
	was before the current date.

	Fixed some HTML lint errors on the various calendar 

	Fixed an error when using on the Manage Reminders screen 
	when using MS SQL Server.

	Notification requests are processed immediately if the
	event occurs on the current day, or the subsequent two 

	Corrected an issue when using the click-and-drag to add
	an event from the planner view. Event date and time were
	not being set as expected.

	Repair Security screen now marks any unapproved resource
	requests as approved where there is no resource approver.

	Cleaned up handling for attachments that no longer exist.

What's new in Version 3.4.14 Released 2012-03-01

	Repaired an issue with the recurrence type selection 
	when using IE 8 and below.

	Fixed a null pointer exception in Conflict display code
	on event save.

What's new in Version 3.4.13 Released 2012-02-27

	Overhauled Edit Event screen to eliminate tabs and

	Updated menu system for broader compatibility and 
	improved appearance.

	Updated Icon set to use Vista/Aero style icons.

	Modified internal edit screens to improve appearance. 
	Updated screens to HTML 5. Improved compatbility with 
	Mobile Safari browser for iPad and Android tablet 

	The regular event edit screen is now the default event
	creation screen for the public. If you've already enabled
	public event creation, the current form will continue
	to be used. This will allow the public to create recurring

	Changed Month/Year dropdowns in month view to a single
	dropdown containing both elements.

	Replaced the year view icon with a dropdown list to select
	the desired view (year,month,day,week,list,planner,mobile). 
	If desired, the element can be turned of in System | 
	Configuration | Appearance.

	The change password function on the edit preferences 
	screen is now accessed by clicking on the key icon.

	If a recurring import is disabled because of failures, 
	the system will now mail the creator of the recurring 

	The manage security dialog now supports simpler deletion
	of permissions. Improved logging.

	Improved logging in Manage Security Wizard. When adding 
	permissions, if you select a group and a user and the 
	user is a member of a selected, group, then that user is 
	skipped and a note is made in the audit trail entry.

	If a search returns no records, the search screen 
	displays this in a dialog, rather than HTML below 
	the form.

	Attachment file dialog now supports uploading multiple 
	files at one time.

	File attachments < 1MB  will be sent with reminder 
	messages. Cleaned up reminder message handling when
	an event was an instance of another event. The instance
	event description is now used for the subect.

	Fixed iCal import handling for VEVENTS where there
	is a recurrence-id. This affects importing events from
	Google calendar where an instance of a recurring event 
	is created. If rich text is enabled, imported text will
tags added if they're not already present. Re- worked iCal export handling of HTML to ensure text has break characters. Fixed an infinite loop that would cause a lockup. Corrected an issue that was causing the CSS class to not get inserted into custom headers. When the mobile viewer is using the browser's native device pickers, the default setting for end date/time will work as it does for Connect Daily's pickers. iCal export is now available for individual events in the mobile view. iCal Import: If the Import Event Times option was unchecked, it caused the last-modified time comparison to fail, resulting in events that either did not update, or events imported with an incorrect last-modified timestamp. iCal import now looks for invalid control characters in source data and filters them out if appropriate. Invalid control characters are defined as characters less than space but not tab, carriage return, or line feed. Introduced basic Spanish translation. External elements are now displayed in Spanish if the browser's accept-language is set to Spanish. Corrected an issue in planner view that would cause it to not remember the correct default for start/end date. Corrected an issue in the day view where that caused extra line breaks to be inserted. Corrected an issue on the list events screen that caused the filter dropdown to not work correctly. The edit event form now filters out invalid control characters from the long description field and custom fields. You can now disable the setup/teardown calendar and doing this will remove the create setup/teardown button from the edit event screen. Email Configuration: Corrected an issue that caused test mail send error message to not display. Fixed a problem in Custom Fields Wizard that caused duplicate tabs to be created. Corrected a problem with accented characters in the mobile edit event screen. Enabled Purge screen when using MySQL. Corrected an issue with CSV export exporting 1 day beyond the specified date range. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.12 Released 2011-09-28 ************************************************************** Optimized loading of Dojo Javascript files. This speeds up page load times. Additional work to minimize # javascript files loaded. German Translation: Added missing captions, translated email templates and on-screen instructions. If you're using item styles, and an event is bannerized, the background color of the banner will be set to the event's background-color. Planner Start Time=Planner End time is now detected and if found, planner start time is set to 8:00 AM, and if planner end time is less than 4 hours away, planner end time is set to 10:00 PM. RSS feed now recognizes an additional argument of show_resources to suppress adding the resources to the event title. When editing an event, changing the calendar now refreshes the default item style. Corrected truncation of menu options when using French. Corrected the caption on the save icon on the mobile event edit screen. Corrected a translation issue on the mobile login screen. On the manage security wizard, if you unchecked all permission options and clicked on finish, the screen would refresh and have the default permissions re-selected. Users would sometimes re-submit the form, re-assigning default permissions. Fixed a regression introduced in 3.4.11 relating to iCal export for single events. On the bannerized month view, the links to view specific days did not have the title attributes set. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.11 Released 2011-09-06 ************************************************************** Created mobile optimized view pages for use with smart- phones, iPods, etc. Supported functions include day, and month view, login/logout, creating and editing events. Brought French translations up to date. When editing a recurring event, you now have the option to edit the specific occurrence and all future occurrences. Custom fields now use HTML 5 input types where appropriate. Required fields now have the HTML 5 REQUIRED attribute set. AddThis is now supported on Week and List View when viewing event details in-line. The resource display in ViewItem has been updated. Instead of having a "Resources" block where resources are listed as "Resource Type - Resource Name", each resource type will be in it's own block labeled by the Resource Type. Resources of that type will be grouped within the block. So, if you have a resource type of room, with 3 rooms assigned to the event, it will be displayed as "Room", with three rooms in that block, not "Resources", "Room - Room A, Room - Room B". The ViewItem page will not show the calendar name if the system is only licensed for one calendar. Fixed an error in planner view that caused the Add Event by clicking and dragging to not work when viewing a specific resource. If the system configuration option to disable password change is set, the mail password link is removed from the login screen. CSV Import will now report errors that happen retrieving or uploading files for import. The View Item details string does not HTML encode the event title. HTML Tags are stripped from the event details window title, and from the message subject link. Bannerized month view did not respect 24 hour time format setting. Cleaned up numerous internal screens that used 12 hour formatting for displaying audit trail times, last edits, etc. iCal Export: Corrected an issue in time zone definition that caused Time Zones with positive GMT offsets to export incorrectly. To satisfy a validator, re-structured output so that VERSION is on second line for maximum compatiblity. If an additional info URL doesn't begin with a valid scheme sequence, e.g. "^([a-z]+://|mailto:|news:).*", the URL is prepended with either mailto: (if it looks like an Email address) or http:// for export to satisfy the requirements of the RFC. HTML tags are stripped from event titles prior to export. RSS Export: HTML Tags are stripped from the title rather than being XML encoded. Long description if present is now encoded as CDATA. Custom software that consumes feeds may need to be modified for this change. Fixed an error that caused the suppress resource requests message option to not work. For the day view, you can select between the single day planner view, and list view for a single day. The Bannerized Month View was not writing links to day view with the calendar ID, so when you were viewing a specific calendar, and you clicked on day numerals, it took you to your default calendar for that day. Don't Include - Show Busy privacy setting was showing the full title on the tool tip in the bannerized month view. Disabling resource management in system configuration now removes warn if no resources selected and any required resource types. Fixed a problem with extra line breaks when using the rich text editor. The view item screen was converting line breaks to
tags, even when the rich text editor was being used. Upgraded Dojo toolkit to version 1.6.1. This release solves a number of problems with IE 9. The preview event icon on the edit event screen and the preferences icon on the view week screen now have a tooltip giving a hint to their function. Fixed an issue where per-event style font size would cause mis-alignment in the bannerized month view. Fixed an issue in event view if the browser height is very small. Virtual host mapping screen now sorts hosts in alpha- betical order. When viewed in a calendar, unapproved events now have an additional CSS class of UnapprovedEvent. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.10 Released 2011-04-28 ************************************************************** Corrected a tab order issue on the login page when using Internet Explorer. Fixed an error in the ViewMonth that would make the calendar display May when called during the last week of April. Resolved size issues when using IE to print events. Added a work-around for event viewing when using iPads. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.9 Released 2011-04-16 ************************************************************** Created a month view that bannerizes events that span multiple days. This view includes the following changes: 1) There is a new configuration option in System | Configuration | Appearance to select this view. 2) When Show Stop times is enabled, this view will only draw the stop time each time the start/duration change, not every time. 3) If an event extends beyond the end of the day, onto the next day, it will only be drawn if the end time is greater than the planner start time. For example, an event from 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM will not show on the second day if the planner start time is > 2:00 AM. 4) If this view is called with no parameters and the system is configured to use all cells in the display, AND the current day of the month is in the last week of the month, then the month will default to the next month. For example, if you call this display with no arguments on 3/27/2011 (with US locale) then the default month displayed will be April, which will inclusively show 3/27. The advantage is no scrolling. 5) This view also solves a sorting problem that could occur if the start date of an event changed because of a time zone conversion. 6) Event details will be displayed when the user mouses over an event. When you click on event, rather than a pop-up, the details are displayed in a dialog in the middle of the page. 7) If the event text is too long to fit in one line on the display, it will be truncated rather than wrapping. This really improves sizing and scalability and makes doing banners possible. 8) Week view link has been dropped. Added support for social networking links using AddThis. To enable it, go to System | Configuration | Sync/Export Options and set the option for "Enable AddThis Social Networking Support" to yes. Only events that are visible without being logged in will display the AddThis links. Added view html source, clear, and paste from Word options to rich text editor. Paste from word is an extra to work around issues copying and pasting from MS Word. The advanced search screen now accepts additional arguments for programmatic display. Refer to the help page for additional information. Added a wizard to generate the HTML to integrate Connect Daily into user web sites. Improved Date/Time formatting on view event details screen. Added Jewish Holidays for 2011-2012. Changed the program so use a versioned path to the javascript files. This resolves problems when a javascript file is updated or a new version of the Dojo library is used. Corrected a problem in the iCal exporter if the attachment file name had non alpha-numeric characters. The List Notifications and Reminders screen has been improved. If a person has reminders or notification requests created by others, those sections will default to expanded. If a person has permission to manage reminders, links will be shown to allow the operator to jump to a filter or reminder from the others section. Delete icons are now displayed for notification request/reminders in the others section. This allows individual users to remove themselves from a reminder/notification request. The login page doesn't call the pre-load icon images script on logout. Added Expire header to images/javascript to improve performance. If the planner start and end time for day view are both 12:00 AM, they are defaulted to 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM. Login page now detects if it's in a frame, and busts out, preventing possible cookie problems. On load, the user ID box is set to focus and any text is selected. Corrected an issue in iCal export for events with attachments. If the file name contained spaces or other disallowed URL characters, the iCal file would contain invalid URLs. Disallowed characters are now encoded. Corrected a logic error in If-Modified-Since handling for recurring import links. If the server actually implemented If-Modified-Since, then the import would always fail. CSV Export now exports Time Zone ID instead of display name. E.G. America/Denver rather than Mountain Standard Time. ViewItem.html now accepts itemguid as an argument for selecting the event to display. iCal Import will now ignore empty content lines on VEVENTs. Fixed an off by one error that would cause reminders set for 30 days out not to be sent. If a location field is present in an iCal event and there is a custom field named location, then that value will be set on the Connect Daily event. If non-standard X- properties exist on an iCal event and corresponding custom fields exist on the calendar, then those values will be set on the custom fields. RSS and CSV import will now list custom fields in the field mapping screen. The Edit Recurring Import link form has been expanded to allow editing existing defaults as well as specifying additional defaults for linked calendars. If a custom field named location exists for an event, then iCal export will write that value as a LOCATION entry. Fixed a CSS problem that broke the text editor's color palette. You may have to re-generate your style sheet to solve the problem. Added work-around for Firefox behavior in scrollable tables. Custom fields now support data types of URL or SMTP Address. Data entry fields will validate data is well- formed, and display will create appropriate clickable links. If you change the selected calendar while adding an event, the event type, and privacy options are set to the default for the selected calendar. This also applies to the import screens. If the Contact Info field contains a URL, then the URL will be made clickable when displayed in View Item or ViewList. Updated Time Zone rules for export to Olson 2011e. Upgraded Dojo toolkit to version 1.6.0. Public Add page now obeys Require Resource type configuration. Fixed a cosmetic issue on CSV import and Reminder page for the Spinner Input. The various View* pages now write ROBOTS meta tags for noindex,nofollow if the page is a past date, or if the page is more than 6 months in the future. Certain robots would index pages in the far past, or far future. When the search screen displays results in calendar format, it jumps to the first calendar display that has results. The Undo capability was stripping HTML from event descriptions. Additionally, using Undo was adding the event location to the end of the long description. Exceptions tab is no longer displayed for one-time events. iCal Export: UNTIL clause of RRULE now follows RFC-5545 for VALUE= being consistent with DTSTART. Additionally, the UNTIL clause is specified in GMT, per RFC-5545, which corrects an Outlook incompatibility. VTIMEZONEs with RRULE for which there is a known end date now have an UNTIL= clause added to the RRULE as described in RFC-5545 Page 67. If an iCal import file contains an X-WR-TIMEZONE entry for something other than GMT/UTC then that time zone is used as the default time zone for events that have times in local time format but do not specify a TZID modifier. For events in GMT, the time is converted to that zone. Fixed an issue in deleting event type. If an event type was the default for a calendar, and that type was deleted, then an error would be thrown on adding an event. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.8 Released 2010-07-12 ************************************************************** The Connect Daily installer has been updated, requiring a documentation update. Fixed a bug that could cause annual recurring events to not work correctly because the recurrence interval was carried over from the previous recurrence type. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.7 Released 2010-06-18 ************************************************************** Fixed an issue in the change header screen when image names had a leading forward slash. The search feature has been improved. The search text field now allows use of quotes for exact match, e.g. "San Francisco", as well as negative keywords to exclude events containing specific key words. You can now search specific custom fields on the search screen. Custom fields that are "pick from list" types display a mover to allow the operator to select the values to filter on. Added Checkbox Group Input Type for custom fields. Added ReadOnly attribute for custom fields. This allows use with a picker script. Modified iCal import so that a bad event will not terminate the import. The bad record will be logged and the rest of the file will be imported. Did some clean up in the shutdown procedure to free objects for garbage collection. This really only matters if you're stopping and re-starting the application a great number of times. Fixed a problem with setup/teardown events when editing an instance of a series event. The instance event would conflict with the setup/teardown event. Corrected an issue that would cause Firefox to randomly not work on the Edit Event screen. Updated Dojo Toolkit scripts to version 1.4.3. iCal and RSS Export now set the last modified date of the export request based on the calendar events in the source. They also honor If-Modified-Since HTML requests and return the last-modifed date of the latest event in the source. iCal/RSS Export now support clients that use ETag/ If-None-Match headers to eliminate unnecessary refresh. Fixed a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the Reminder login screen. Fixed a response splitting vulnerability on the CSV Processor screen. Corrected an issue in the Manage/List Reminders screens when using MS Access as the data store. Fixed an issue in the Edit Filter screen when using MS Access as the data store. Fixed an index out of bounds issue on the Internal Headers screen. Fixed broken performance optimizations in notificationfilter logic. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.6 Released 2009-12-18 ************************************************************** Upgraded Dojo Toolkit to version 1.4.0. This corrects numerous rich text editor issues. Additionally, the create link dialog now supports setting the target for the URL. If you modify a user or group's permissions, the menu will be regenerated on each user's next request. Similarly if you change a configuration option like enabling or disabling resources, the menu will refresh automatically without requiring the user to login/out of the system. If you use the LDAP/AD authentication, you can now configure LDAP Equivalent Groups, and each user's Connect Daily group memberships will be updated to reflect LDAP/AD group member- ships. When you change the selected calendar on the edit event screen, the Approved checkbox is updated (checked/unchecked, enabled/disabled) without a page refresh. Implemented site help at ViewItem level. This allows you to implement custom text at the bottom of the View Item page even though custom header/footers do not display on this page. The public add page now checks to see if the form is being submitted by a spam bot and will not add the event if it is. If you are currently using publicAdd.jsp and you want this feature, you will have to replace your existing publicAdd.jsp page with the one from the WEB-INF/misc directory. You can do this by using the Setup Public Calendar viewing page, and disabling public add, and then enabling it. The edit event screen now has an iCal export icon. The preview event icon will now disable until the event is saved. You can now configure Connect Daily to require resources of specific types on every event. Added TTL (X-PUBLISHED-TTL) of two hours to iCal export. This notifies clients how often they should update. Outlook 2007 clients were updating every minute generating excessive load. iCal export now includes X-WR-CALNAME and X-WR-CALDESC attributes to provide a calendar name and description to clients. iCal Import now supports COUNT= in RRULE clause. The Edit Resource screen now has an add resource button to speed entry of multiple resources. Fixed a problem in the iCal export. Recurring events with an end date but no event end time were exporting with an invalid UNTIL clause in the RRULE. The UNTIL clause would be UNTIL:YYYYMMDDT240000 If a resource is requested by a GUEST user (public add) and an Email address is supplied for contact info, the person will receive a CC for the resource request and be a recipient for the approval message. Additionally, the requesting name in the resource request messages will be the contact info supplied, not Guest User... When an event is submitted using Public Add, the Item Add message to approvers will now contain the contact info. Fixed an issue in resource request notification if an event was edited by a user and the event owner did not have an Email address. Added content-disposition header and made a modification to make in-line body sections be first in a message to force change notification body to be displayed in-line and not as an attachment. If a one time event has an end time of midnight, and the end date is the day after the start date, then the end date/time will not be displayed. Corrected an issue in Edit Event if custom field names with accented characters were present. Additional elements can now be inserted into the various Item* email message templates. New elements include: Addl. Info URL, contact name, contact info, Event Type, URL to view event, URL to iCal file, Registered Customer name, and long_description. The notify change message template now includes the event start date/time. The event list, resource approval, and event approval pages now HTML encode the event title to prevent spam bots from breaking the pages. You can now connect to SMTP servers running on ports other than 25. E.G. Custom fields will now be exported as part of the CSV and RSS export. Importers will now handle cases where a resource exists, but the case of the resource name was not the same. The event validation code now clears exceptions if the event type is one-time. Fixed an issue where a notify approvers on edit message would reference required approval when the event was already approved. Fixed an issue where Emails were not sent to approvers. If the event was approved, and then was edited by a user who had the permission "Revoke On Edit" assigned, the system would not send approvers a message requesting approval. The available calendar select list for the CSV import was not correct. The Add Calendar Wizard didn't check the maximum licensed calendars and would let users create more calendars than permitted, invalidating the license key. Fixed an issue in the Reminder message system. If you created a custom template that referenced the URL to view the event, the URL was malformed. Fixed a problem that prevented the system configured session timeout from being applied. iCal export now strips HTML from the event long description. The date selection and time selection tool were not working for the locale fr_CA. If the event start time and end time were both midnight, and the event was a single-day event, the event would not display on the calendar. Validation at save time will now detect this. The various export (RSS, iCal, and CSV) feeds were following the system setting for ShowApprovedEventsOnly, when that setting should only be followed for logged in users. The LDAP authenticator examines the configuration options for potentially conflicting settings and writes warnings to the error log. Fixed a session timeout error in the download screen. Restructured the CLAM A/V scanner to use the zINSTREAM command, rather than the STREAM scan command, simplifying network usage. The add event icon was displaying on the various View pages even if the user did not have Use permissions to any calendar. Corrected an issue where use of the back/forward browser buttons would disable File Transfer screen for the user profile. Fixed an error in the Email Notification part of the Resource Approval screen. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.5 Released 2009-06-30 ************************************************************** Improved recurring event support. Added support for DAILY recurrence type. Daily recurrence supports every N days, or every weekday. Weekly and Monthly recurrence types now support every N weeks or months. Added support for 1st-Last Weekend Day recurrence options for Monthly recurrence type. Rich Text Editor/Dojo/Dijit: Upgraded from version 1.2.3 to version 1.3.1. This issue solves: Malformed/duplicate HTML generated by RichText.getValue() in certain cases. Performance under IE seems to have improved also. Fixed an issue in the Custom Header screen that could put the word "null" on the screen if an invalid image name was specified. Added an option in planner view by resource to not show the parent event if a setup/teardown event is present. Added a German translation. Special thanks to Andreas Lange for making it available to us. Month view can now be configured to populate events in all cells (days in preceding and following months). Fixed an issue in publicAdd.jsp that caused resource requests to not be sent. Improved iCal import to support 2nd-4th weekdays. Now support 1st-Last Day of Month represented as BYSETPOS. Added support for HOURLY and MINUTELY recurrence as long as they are a multiple equating to one day. iCalExport now supports options on the URL to not add the event owner as the default contact, and to not add resource names to the event description. Refer to the documentation page for iCal Export for information on using these settings. Edits and deletes of notification requests are now logged. The view audit trail screen now uses the date picker. If you didn't supply a URL in the RSS import form and hit next, the program would throw an error. The last update time displayed on the edit calendar screen was server time, not the user's configured time zone. The RSS import form will not throw an error if the XML document is empty. Fixed an error deleting resource groups. Fixed an error that could happen if you deleted an internal header. Recurring import links now reports the # of imported items. Added additional error trapping/logging for import links. Disabled some features when running as uncompressed WAR file. Fixed an issue in iCal import if the event had been imported previously and was a specific dates event, and the new iCal entry was a one-time event. Fixed a null pointer exception if you removed all visible calendars from Setup Public Viewing. Added a work-around for MySQL behavior in event delete. Removed invalid contact data from holiday import files. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.4 Released 2009-04-20 ************************************************************** Added a rich text editor to the event description field. You can now perform basic formatting like bolding, applying headings, inserting URLs or images, lists, etc. If the editor causes performance problems, you can disable it in System | Configuation | Appearance. Created an internal header capability. You can now create a custom header that is displayed when users are logged in. Import screens (CSV, iCal, and RSS) now support default values for Contact Name, Contact Info, and Additional Info URL. Added a Usage report. This usage report allows you to query the system to create a tabular report. Examples of queries include: Total Resource usage, total calendar usage, resource usage by calendar. Reported values can be sum of hours, # events, or count of other variables. Removed requirement for Triggers from MySQL script, simplifying installation in hosted environments. Re-structured a purge query to work in Access and MySQL. Added a copy event function. You can now copy an event from the view event screen, or while editing an event. Added a preview event function that allows you to preview the view event screen while editing the event. Notification filters now support filtering on specific resources, resource types, event types, resource groups, users, or user groups. The browser will now detect if you've made an edit and then navigate your browser without saving the changes and will display a warning if you do. iCal and RSS feed exports can now be done for calendars that are not visible without logging in. Added system level option to (not) notify contacts on event edit or delete. Contact info notify on edit/approve did not correctly handle mixed info (email/phone) or multiple addresses. Fixed an error causing delete messages to not be sent to contacts. Reworked the Manage Reminders screen to address usability issues. As part of the re-design, all EMail addresses will be converted to lower case. Fixed a problem in manage reminders if you tried to manage reminders/notifications for a user who did not have permissions to create reminders/ notifications. Fixed a problem where the menu preference was following the user you were managing reminders/notifications for, not your own. Holiday add screen is now more generic. Added support for other countries, including: Australia, Canada, Canada (Quebec), France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Added support for Islamic Holidays, Jewish Holidays, and Episcopal Liturgical calendars. Changed default order of permissions for Resource, Event Types, etc, are displayed in. Added headings to calendar permissions to provide logical grouping. Made default permissions for calendar to only be view and use. Bulk Exception add screen now allows you to select which event types should not have exceptions added, and it now uses a mover for calendar selection. Various list screens (List events, list users, list resources, etc) now implement scrolling behavior on the list rather than requiring you to scroll the browser window. iCalExport now writes Connect Daily specific contact name and contact info values allowing the iCal Import to precisely preserve this data when reading from another Connect Daily source. Made session timeout a system configuration option with values from 1-4 hours. To change this value, go to System | Configuration | System and set the desired value. Changed the Date picker used for date input fields. Added a time picker for time fields. The time picker can be disabled if desired by going to System | Configuration | Time Input and setting the Time Input Type to "Text Box". Improved iCal import to handle additional recurrence patterns involving BYSETPOS. The IFrameList and IFrameDetailed sample pages now follow system RSSDefaultMaxCount and RSSDefaultDaySpan configuration settings for Default Max # Days, and Default Max # Events. Public add page now requires a start date for an event. Page now accepts calendar_id= as argument to set the calendar the event should be added to. Custom fields that are Date type now have a date picker associated with them. Restructured the included calendars section to be simpler, using movers rather than many dropdown lists of options. Edit Resource Group screen now uses a mover. Users listed in the Add User/Group dialog, or in the manage security wizard are now sorted by full name and then user name. Movers displaying Users, User Groups, or Calendars now display the description of element as a tooltip when you move your mouse over the entry in the mover. The attachments tab now has a delete attachments button. The previous method of marking the attachments for removal and saving was causing confusion. The Edit Calendar Header screen now supports creating a "Home" link. The screen now creates the header in the appropriate directory for the users language preference, creating a sub-directory in /custom if necessary. CSV Export now exports event type. Email addresses may be entered in any format (1 per line, space delimited, comma separated, etc) in the edit reminder and edit filter screens. Previously, they had to be formatted one per line. Improved audit trail logging when editing an event's exception dates or specific dates. Import now truncates values that are too long to fit in the database rather than throwing an error. Fixed an issue in single event iCal export where the event would not export if the privacy flag was set to roll up busy. Fixed an issue where an instance of a recurring event would not export correctly if there was a start time but no end time. Improved Email address extraction from Contact Info field for export in iCal. Mixing Phone/Email in contact info field would generate an invalid MAILTO clause. Added Setup Public Calendar Viewing, Change Colors, and Edit Custom Header to system configuration menu. Fixed a minor menu issue in IE 8. Fixed a null pointer exception in the custom field wizard. If you selected an input type of dropdown, or radio group and supplied no options the program would throw an Error. The audit trail search for entries by user was broken. If you're using a custom icon file, the program will not generate an error if an icon added after the custom file was created is referenced. Added fix so that missing or invalid IconsFile in system configuration will not prevent Connect Daily from starting. On the list reminders and notifications screen, if a user created a filter or reminder that affected a group they were a member of, that item would be shown in the section Reminders or Notification Requests created by others that will notify me. If a section has no entries, the icon will be disabled. Fixed logging for delete in mulitple areas. A log entry was being written even if the delete failed because of referential integrity constraints. The change comments screen would not appear when the user edited an instance of a recurring item. If the file transfer screen encounters an error downloading a file, it will re-set the current directory to the top level. The use of the back button was confusing the screen about the current directory. Improved time formatting on IFrame Simple List jsp. Modified so that the page only shows each event once regardless of how many times it occurs. Corrected an issue that would cause the number of displayed items to be too small. System now prevents attempted double-import on CSV screen. The "Anonymous user preferences persist" option could not be changed from Setup Public Calendar Viewing. Updated Time Zone rules for export to Olson 2009d. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.3 Released 2009-01-03 ************************************************************** The view item page was incorrectly converting the additional info URL to lower case. The Heading in the generated custom header had the wrong CSS class applied. The delete button was enabled on the Add User screen when it should not have been. Corrected an issue in View Item and View List if the first character of the event title was a $ sign. Fixed an issue if an attachment file did not have an extension. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.2 Released 2008-12-22 ************************************************************** This release is the last one that will support JDK 1.4. Future releases will require JDK 1.5. Support for JDK 1.5 will be dropped in July 2009. Any attachments with a mime type of image/*, or text/url that point to a file ending in .jpg, .gif, or .png are now displayed in-line on the ViewItem page. If the width of the images exceeds 500 pixels, they are scaled to that width. Created new IFrame calendar widgets. Users can easily include calendar data into their design by dropping in an IFRAME tag. Examples include mini-calendars, simple lists, and detailed lists. You can turn these on by going to Setup Public Calendar Viewing. Image URL attachments in View Week and View List are now displayed inline. Fixed a problem with URL Attachments in the Week view and List view. The Windows installer is now 64-bit aware and will install the 64-bit ISAPI redirector, and write the configuration entries for the 64-bit redirector in the 64-bit HKLM\Software registry node. Added parsing for email addresses in the contact info field. Addresses mixed with other text, or multiple addresses are now correctly parsed into individual MAILTO links. If the additional info URL is a mailto address, then the link is written with a subject parameter. If the additional info URL field contains an Email, it is converted to a clickable link. Attachments are now included as part of an iCal export per RFC-2445 paragraph iCal export was not wrapping RDATE lines. Audit trail entries for events created via Import will now reflect the person who performed the import. Repair Security screen now deletes permissions for objects that no longer exist. Messages are now logged to the audit trail. Audit trail entries are now made for event, calendar, resource/resource type/resource group, event type, user, and user group creation. Reworked Approval/Edit notification Emails. If an event is edited or deleted by someone other than the owner, the owner and any contact will receive a notification. Email addresses in the Contact Info field will now also receive edit or delete notification. Approvers would receive Edit notifications even if the editor did not have the permission "Mail Approvers on Edit" set. If the operator has suppress approval requests set, they won't get a CC of any message, regardless of the type of edit. The test for empty approval comments was being made after a default was assigned, treating every edit as though comments were made negating the suppress empty approval comments option. Guests will no longer receive a pending approval Email if the event defaults to approved. Using the edit event screen to approve an event will now generate an approval message as expected. Implemented conflict checking on event editing. If two users enter the edit event screen for the same event at the same time, the second user who saves will get a conflict detect warning and their changes will be lost. Added additional conflict checking. If a user views a calendar and another user edits an event, the viewer will receive a warning when they click on the event to display the detail. The Edit Icon will also be removed. The custom field wizard will now display input fields for custom field elements like CSSInputClass, etc. This means you can use advanced field elements and the wizard will not remove them. Fixed an issue in the file transfer screen if you tried to download a file, and the previous action was to traverse up one level in the directory structure. Errors deleting a file are now logged and reported to the user. Errors downloading a file are now reported to the user. If an error occurs during a file upload, the system now attempts delete the file and then create it. If Mail Host Requires Login is set in system configuration, save validates that the Mail Account Name and Password are present. If they are not, Mail Host Requires Login is set to no. Cleaned up pop-up window handling to center new windows on the desktop. Created an API call for rendering the HTML Input element for a custom field. Fixed a NPE in CSV import if an entry had no start or end date. Corrected an error when deleting users. If the user being deleted was an approver it was possible for the delete to fail with a database referential integrity error. Modified the RSS export to eat invalid control characters that are not permitted in RSS feeds but are part of an event's data. Text copied and pasted from Word could have these invalid control characters. Attachment file names are now correctly URL encoded. Author element of Item now has the contact name if present. Fixed a NPE if you were running a custom JSP in integral mode and the session timed out. Password reset messages create an audit trail entry against the user account as well as the system audit trail. Changed the default Day Span for RSS feeds to be 30 days, and the default max count to 12. Custom Header generator handles no organization name more cleanly. Images are checked for excessive height and scaled appropriately. System configuration now validates the mail from SMTP address is present. Fixed an issue in attaching existing files when the underlying database is SQL Server. Fixed an infinite redirect loop where a feed reader would request a feed, but anonymous calendar viewing had been disabled. The last edit time shown on the edit event screen was relative to the server's time zone, and not the user's time zone. Corrected an issue in the planner view when the span exceeded 45 days. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.1 Released 2008-10-19 ************************************************************** Improved appearance and layout on dropdown menu. Changed the default day span on RSS feeds to be all events if no day span is specified. Fixed problems in notification/reminder code introduced by the iCal Attachment change. SQL Exceptions in sql command window no longer log the entire stack trace. If the SQL Command Window statement is not SELECT, set the statement type to exec by default. Fixed a NPE if you tried to import a non-XML file from the RSS Import screen. Fixed a NPE in the InstanceOrSeries dialog triggered by robots. An Email error in approver notification now goes to the audit trail log. Fixed a NumberFormatException in ViewWeek triggered by an unidentified robot. Fixed a NPE if the Manual Reminder is executed for clustered servers if the server is not the cluster master. ************************************************************** What's new in Version 3.4.0 Released 2008-10-03 ************************************************************** The planner view can now set the period to a specific range of hours, rather than 24 hours. Added an audit trail facility to event edit. Most edit screens for calendars, resources, etc now have a Change History link that can be used. Additionally, system logging which currently goes to the servlet container log files is now logged to the audit trail table. Added a container security authentication provider, this can be used to allow the container (including Microsoft IIS) to provide transparent login/single-signin. All import screens can now establish a persistent, link to the import source, and you can now specify that the linked data is refreshed on a periodic basis. Added multi-level undo for import screens. Added RSS Feed Import capability. CSV Import Screen now accepts a URL as a data source. CSV Import will now use default column names for import from Outlook. In iCal Import, if an item is being re-imported, it now checks if a LastModified entry is present in the source event, and if it is, and that date is not newer than the LastModified date of the event, it is not over-written. In iCal import, if an existing entry is being re-imported, and has a status of CANCELLED, then the event will be deleted. CSV and iCalImport will now compress the UID/GUID of an event if its larger than the field size in Connect Daily. On import, a resource name or type name that is longer than the database accepts will be truncated, rather than throwing an exception. The LDAP and Container authentication providers can now auto- matically add users. Preferences and security settings are copied from a named user that acts as a template. Going into planner view by resource will now default to the last resource type displayed. Added undo capability to Fixed and Movable holiday add screens as well as the Bulk Exception add screen. The edit reminder screen now uses the calendar style sheet when used by anonymous users. Email notifications about add/edited events now contain the iCal file for the event as an attachment, rather than a link in the Email. This solves an issue with import links for events that are not visible to the public, or cases where the server may not be network accessible to the Email recipient. publicAdd.jsp now displays date and time formats for entry. Custom fields are now supported. Added "Is Location" field to resource type. If this field is set, then on iCal export, any items containing a resource of this type will have a Location entry per paragraph of RFC-2445. Fixed encoding issue in Email body and subject that would cause Unicode characters to be improperly handled. Corrected an issue in RSS Export where the duration of an event that ended at 12:00 AM would be extended by an additional 24 hours. The custom header generator would generate a URL for the RSS feed list of /rss/, rather than RSS.html. This caused the help link/icon to be broken. Fixed a NegativeArraySize exception in the Advanced Search form that would happen if the start date was more than three months in the future, there was no end date, and results were found. Fixed a problem in item validation. If custom tabs had been setup during a trial, and then were not available, the item validation would still validate those custom tabs, causing an error. The custom header generator was encoding the output as ISO-8859-1, not UTF-8. Print style sheet in the header will now be the one specified in system configuration. Added timeouts for Mail send/connect. A non-responsive server could cause any form that did a mail send to hang. Fixed an error if anonymous sync was used and public calendar viewing was disabled. In planner view, if the date range was one day, the date displayed would always be the current date. Fixed an issue on the Change Header screen that would cause an error if an invalid image URL was entered. The Edit Event, Resources tab will enable the Create Setup/Teardown button if a Setup/Teardown calendar is defined, and that calendar exists (hasn't been deleted). In Edit Custom Tab/Dialog Definition fixed a NPE if the xml document was left blank. Now reports a SQL Exception. Fixed a javascript error on the Edit Preferences screen if AD or LDAP authenticator was selected. Thanks to Marcus Harris @ NGC for the fix. Fixed a NPE in the File Transfer screen. Fixed validation problems with Custom Tabs if the DTD path is invalid because of a network change. Edit Custom Tabs and Custom Fields Wizard now display a more informative message if the tab definition cannot be saved because the System URL Base is configured incorrectly. Edit event no longer crashes if the DTD path has been made invalid. Fixed validation errors in the system configuration screen. Setting Enable Attachments to yes and not entering in the attachment directory would prevent the other configuration sections from being modified. The add new event icon on planner view did not work. Rubber band event add on planner view did not work in stacked resource view mode. Corrected an error in the planner view if the calendar contained a date prior to 1 Jan 1970. This also corrects an issue with one time events that span one day with no start/stop time. For Oracle, changed default type for Date/Time columns from DATE to TIMESTAMP. Added a work-around to deal with non-standard behavior in Oracle JDBC drivers.