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Many operations in Connect Daily can be undone. That is Connect Daily supports an undo operation. Areas that support undo include:

If you've performed an action that supports Undo, and you want to undo it, go to that screen. At the bottom of the screen will be a block with undo information. The date/time, the number of added records, and the number of modified records will be displayed. Mark the actions to undo and Click on the Undo button to reverse the changes you made earlier.

Say for example, you've run import 3 times. The first time brought in 10 records, the second time brought in 20 new records, and the third time brought in thirty new records. When you go to the import wizard, the Undo block will the date/time of each import and the number of affected records.


If you have permissions to edit the system configuration for your installation, then the undo block will show all undo options, regardless of the user who created it. If you don't have system configuration permission, then you can only undo actions that you performed.

If you import an event, modify the event, and then undo the import, the event and it's modifications will be deleted.

If you import an event, and the event is modified locally, and modified at the import source and then re-imported, the last modifications will be kept.

When events are restored the limitations are:

An event restore will only happen if the import caused an event to be deleted. The only case this can happen is if an event in iCalendar source file has a status of Cancelled.

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