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To help our customers get the most out of Connect Daily, we have created video tutorials.

Watching the complete set of tutorials takes approximately an hour.

The Tutorials use an audio soundtrack to guide you through the use of Connect Daily.

Make sure your computer's speaker volume is turned up!



Running Time

Adding Calendars

This tutorial shows how to create a new calendar.

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Basic Navigation

This demonstration shows how to navigate through Connect Daily calendars.

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Calendar Sharing

This tutorial shows how to subscribe to calendars with other applications like Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Google Calendar, and Mozilla Lightning.

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Event Add & Edit

This demonstration shows the basic steps to add an Event to a calendar, edit existing events, and delete events.

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Facebook and Twitter Integration

This tutorial demonstrates using Connect Daily to publish events to Facebook and Twitter.

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Mobile Viewer

This demonstrates using the mobile view pages on a smart phone.

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Notifications and Reminders

This tutorial shows how to receive EMail when Events are added to the calendar and how to receive reminders about upcoming events.

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Recurrence and Exceptions

This tutorial shows how to create events with various kinds of recurrence options.

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Basic Resource Management

This tutorial shows how to use Connect Daily for room and equipment reservations.

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Advanced Resource Management

This tutorial demonstrates additional resource management features including tying resources to locations and using resource attributes.

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WordPress Plugin

This tutorial shows how to use the Connect Daily WordPress plugin to integrate Connect Daily into a WordPress based web site.

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