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RSS Export

Connect Daily allows exporting data in RSS 2.0 XML format. Using RSS export, you can get event data from your calendar and reformat it for display on your web site. For example, you want to have a list of today's events on the first page of your web site. Using the RSS module, you can fetch the calendar data as XML, reformat it, and display it on your web site. Doing this will require some knowledge of web programming topics. End users can also use news feed aggregation software to view your feed on their desktop.

If you're using a web programming language like Javascript or PHP, you probably want to use the JSON export. It's going to be much easier!

Fetching RSS data from Connect Daily

The format of the RSS URL will be something like:[your path/]rss/[by method]/[id].xml

[your path] is the path to your calendar. If you are using a hosted calendar, then this part will be skipped.

[by method] is method you want to retrieve the entries by. Values would be:

[id].xml is the ID for the element you want to retrieve. The edit screen for the element (edit calendar, edit resource, etc) displays the ID you'll need to use.

Putting it all together, the URL to retrieve the Everything calendar from our demo site would be:

to retrieve the entries for the Pepsi Center, the URL would be:

If you're doing Ajax or other programming you can request the URL:

where xxx is the element type, i.e., calendar_id, resource_id, resource_type_id, or item_type_id. List returns something like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<list type_id="32768">
<name>College Football</name>
<name>Colorado Avalanche</name>



Retrieve the last 5 concerts added to the concert calendar.

Retrieve concerts for the next two weeks, up to a maximum of 12 concerts, omitting holidays rolled into the calendar.

Retrieve the concert calendar using the user name and password of demo/demo.

See Also: Remotely Extracting Data, Filtering on Multiple Options, JSON Export

Custom Name Space

In addition to the standard RSS 2.0 elements, Connect Daily includes additional data elements for each event. The additional Items include event end time, contact name, last modified date, etc. For a complete list of additional fields and their meaning, refer to the URL below.

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