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Introduction to Connect Daily 4.0.8

Connect Daily is a web based calendar system. The software is installed on one computer and allows multiple users on a network to add and edit calendar events using a web browser. If the computer is accessible from the internet then people can view and edit those calendars over the internet. The calendar display can be directly integrated into your web site. Connect Daily provides advanced capabilities for managing resources and facilities. The permission system allows many users to edit calendars with the assurance that all items added are approved. Connect Daily is ideal for:

Some of the features Connect Daily includes are:

Advanced recurring event scheduling types include:

In addition to the standard recurrence features that you find in many calendars, Connect Daily allows you to specify exception dates. For example, your choir group practices every Wednesday night. The choir will not practice on 12/25/2002, and 01/01/2003 because they are Christmas and New Year's Day respectively. Exceptions are a powerful feature that makes your recurring event calendar more accurate.