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IFrame Widgets

Connect Daily supports simple calendar Widgets that you can integrate into your site design. These widgets allow you to very easily take data from the calendar engine and display it in your site.

Quick Tip

The Web Site Integration Wizard can be used to generate the IFRAME HTML tag to include into the site.

Available widgets include:

To enable the Connect Daily calendar widgets, go to the Setup Public Calendar Viewing screen and check the option to Enable IFrame Calendar Widgets and save changes.

Doing this will copy the calendar widget pages into your Connect Daily calendar. Once you've enabled the widgets, a demonstration link will appear next to the option. Click on that link.

You can view examples of the IFrame Widgets on our demonstration web site at:

This page demonstrates each of the available calendar widgets and provides an HTML example page that you can copy and paste the code from. Use your browser's show page source function and then copy and paste the HTML IFRAME tag into your web page.

For the Simple List and Detailed list, you can edit the actual .jsp pages that generate the output to customize the look. If you've done ASP or PHP scripting the concepts are identical. For example, you could include links to your own cascading style sheets. If you're using the hosted version, download the files using the File Transfer screen, make the modification and upload them.

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