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CSV Import Wizard

The CSV Import Wizard allows you to import data in CSV (Comma-Separated-Value) format. CSV is a popular text format for exchanging data. Using this Wizard, you can bring data from other programs directly into your Connect Daily calendar.

Here are some important things to know about the CSV Import Wizard

To access this feature, from the menu, choose Toolbox Icon | Import | CSV Import Wizard.

Step 1 - Set the defaults for Imported Events

Destination Calendar - This is where calendar events should be added. We recommend that the first time you try this, you create a temporary calendar to test the data import. Once you're sure things are working, delete the temporary calendar and all imported events.


First Line of File Contains Column Names - Some CSV export files will have the first line of the file be the names of the columns, e.g., subject, start date, etc. If your file does not have column names in the first line of data, set this value to No.

Default Event Duration - If your event has a start time but no end time, this is the default duration to use for the event.

Character Set - This is the character set that the data file was saved with. For US/Windows users, the default of windows-1252 is correct.

URL - If the file you want to import is on a web server, you can specify the URL to that file for import.

File Name - This is the name of the file you wish to import.

Step 2 - Match the columns from the CSV file to Connect Daily's fields.

On this step, you match up the Connect Daily field (e.g. title) to the corresponding data column in the source data file. At minimum, you must have a title and starting date.

If your source data file doesn't have a field corresponding to the Connect Daily field, you should set the dropdown to blank.

The screen shot below shows the settings we recommend for importing a CSV file from Microsoft Outlook.

Once you've mapped the fields, hit the finish button and the results will be displayed.


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