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Connect Daily is compatible with clustering. This topic provides you with information on how to deploy Connect Daily correctly in a cluster environment.

First, for each member of the cluster you must create a distinct, unique WAR deployment file. Please follow these steps to create each WAR file.

Add the configuration setting:

ClusterMaster=<master host name>

to the WEB-INF/ file. Replace <master host name> with the host name of the master computer in the cluster. It doesn't really matter which computer in the cluster is named, just name one. This will ensure that only the cluster master computer starts background processing threads. If you don't set this, then each member of the cluster will send out notifications and reminders.

Create a single WAR file, and deploy it to each cluster member. Next using a browser, connect to each member of the cluster and request a license key. Please inform technical support that you are deploying a cluster before requesting the license keys.

Now, we're going to create a deployment war for each cluster member. As you receive each license key, copy the license data into the bottom of the file. You must do this manually. Please also note that the license key lines are wrapped. You must unwrap them (remove the extra line break).

Once you have created the file for each cluster member, create a deployment WAR for each member.

Copy the deployment war for each member to the appropriate servers. and re-deploy the application.

If you're having a problem with the ClusterMaster configuration option, check the server logs. If this item is present, Connect Daily will report the name of the master, and the name of the executing computer at startup. Make sure that they match for the computer you wish to be the master.

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