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Server Side Includes

Server Side Includes of OutputCurrentWeek

The servlet OutputCurrentWeek allows you to incorporate the calendar directly into your HTML. In order to do this, your web server must support server side includes. If you are not sure if your web server does this, ask your system administrator. The line below shows how to insert the calendar for the current week into a page:

<!-- #include virtual="calendar/OutputCurrentWeek.html?calendar_id=3"

Additional arguments unique to OutputCurrentWeek are week= and year=. Year must be present if week is specified.

Using JSP to Customize Appearance

In the cdaily-4.0.8/WEB-INF/misc/samples/ASP directory are sample ASP and JSP pages that demonstrate creating a fully customized calendar display. You can customize these JSP pages and then use a server side includes to bring them into your web page.


Server Side Includes do not work with Microsoft IIS. This is because the server side includes mechanism does not submit the request through the complete chain but bypasses the ISAPI redirector.

The cdaily-4.0.8/WEB-INF/misc/samples/ASP directory contains sample ASP scripts that work around this issue.

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