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Appendix B - Section 508 Accessibility

Section 508 refers to the accessibility requirements for US Government websites. It mandates that all Government websites be accessible to the handicapped. It is similar to the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the United Kingdom Disability Discrimination Act. These guidelines all offer recommendations and requirements on the construction of web pages. The goal of these guidelines is to make web pages available to people who are visually handicapped.

We believe that Connect Daily is compliant. We have tested the application using a commercial accessibility testing product and found no errors. We believe that the warnings reported are spurious and not relevant. If you should find some aspects of the application that are not compliant, we will fix those elements at no charge. Additionally, we have validated the application's web pages using the W3C HTML Validator. All pages validate as fully compliant HTML.

Web designers should be aware that some calendar views will be less helpful to disabled users than others. Specifically, the monthly calendar view will be difficult for a handicapped person to use. The List view format offers the same event listing functionality in a format that would be more friendly to those Users. In other words, it is somewhat up to the web designer to use the product in a manner that is most friendly to the handicapped. Similarly, the List View by Resource should be made available since the Resource Planner View will not be useful.

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