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Allowing the Public to Add Events

Connect Daily can be configured to let the general public add events to the calendar without logging in.

To allow the public to add events:

  1. Click on Home, and then click on the link to "Setup Public Calendar Viewing". Check the option "Can the public add events to the calendar?".
  2. If desired, use the Change Header screen to generate a new header with a link to the create event screen. If you don't do this, users will still be able to use the Add Event icon on the calendar display.
  3. If you want to customize the instructions displayed on this page, copy the file instructions/<language>/EditItemInstructions.html to instructions/<language>/EditItemInstructions.html.custom. Make the customizations as desired and upload the file. Repeat this process for the file instructions/<language>/EditItemHeading.html.

Keep these things in mind when allowing the public to create events.

If you want to customize the create event screen, copy the file WEB-INF/misc/publicAdd.jsp to the top-level directory. You can then edit that file to customize the appearance.

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