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Setup and Teardown Events

Often, an event requires setup time prior to the actual event and teardown time afterwards. During these periods, the resources are not available for use by other people.

Setup and Teardown Events allow you to create a duplicate event, alongside your original calendar event. This duplicated event assigns your resources for the period before and after your event. The duplicated event is not visible to the public because it is on a calendar that the public cannot see.

Some things to remember are:

The steps to create setup and teardown events are:

Initial Setup

  1. Create a calendar to hold your setup and teardown events.
  2. Set the security on the calendar so that the GUEST User cannot see the calendar. Usually this means removing group User's permissions to view the calendar.
  3. Set the permissions on the calendar so that all people who add events have Use permissions to that calendar.
  4. Go to the SYSTEM | CONFIGURATION | RESOURCE SCREEN and set the new calendar to be the setup and teardown events calendar.

Adding a Setup and Teardown Event

  1. Create your event. Add any resources you'll be using for the event. You can't create a setup and teardown event unless your event uses resources.
  2. Save your event.
  3. Change to the Resources tab.
  4. Click on the Create Setup and Teardown Event button near the bottom. A duplicate of your original event will be created and placed on the Setup and Teardown calendar.

    When you're editing a Setup/Teardown event, the background color of the screen will change to blue to provide a visual indication.

Once the event is duplicated, you can edit the start and stop times your event needs. You can also enter setup information in the text area for the event. This can be instructions to the staff telling how to set up for the event.

If you have the Corporate or Enterprise Pack versions of Connect Daily, you can create custom fields and associate them with your setup and teardown calendar. Examples would be # Tables, # Chairs, Coffee Service, etc. For additional information, refer to Custom Fields.

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