Recurring Events

Recurring Event Types

Connect Daily contains a very advanced calendaring engine that can be used to support just about any kind of Recurring Event.

Before going further, you should watch the recurrence and exceptions tutorial.

The major types of Recurrence supported are:




Events that happen each day, every N days, or every weekday.


Examples of weekly events would be Choir practice every Wednesday, payday every Friday, etc.


Events that occur every month including events that may occur more than once per month such as bi-weekly events.


These are events that occur on an annual basis. This type also can be used for bi-monthly and quarterly events.


Events that will only happen once and do not recur. Examples would be concerts for a specific date.

Specific Dates

When you cannot express the recurrence using any other type, you can use this type to put in the specific dates for an event. An example of this would be parent-teacher conferences at school. They happen 3 times during the year but there is no rule as to what day.

Adding a starting date for a Recurring Event will set the date the event will start repeating on.

If an ending date is specified for a Recurring Event, then the event will not recur after that date.

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