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Integrating Microsoft IIS 6 with Connect Daily

Throughout these instructions, there will be references to $CATALINA_BASE as the base portion for the file and directory paths displayed. For most installations this variable refers to:


C:\Program Files\MH Software\Connect Daily\TCBase

Step 1 - Determine Effective User Name

  1. Open Windows Internet Information Services Manager and right click on the virtual host (or default website) for the calendar and choose Properties.
  2. Switch to the Home tab and write down the Application Pool name.
  3. In the left frame, click on the Application Pools folder, and then right-click on the application pool name from the step above.
  4. Click on the identity tab and write down the identity used.

Step 2 - Set Permissions

  1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the $CATALINA_BASE\bin\native directory. Right click on the folder and choose properties.
  2. Change to the Security tab of the properties dialog.
  3. Click on the Add button. If necessary, change the "Look In" dropdown to refer to the local machine.
  4. Locate the account you found in step 1d. Select the User, click Add, and finally, click OK.
  5. Repeat steps a-d for the $CATALINA_BASE\conf directory.
  6. Repeat steps a-d for the $CATALINA_BASE\logs. For this directory, ensure the user is granted write permissions to the directory.

Step 3 - Create the Jakarta Virtual Directory

  1. Open the Windows Internet Information Services Manager and right click on the virtual host (or default website) for the calendar. From the popup menu, select New -> Virtual Directory.
  2. Enter a virtual directory name of jakarta. You must type the directory name in precisely as shown.
  3. For the directory choose $CATALINA_BASE\bin\native
  4. Assign "Allow Execute Access" permissions to the directory.
  5. Complete the dialog by clicking on OK or Finish.

Step 4 - Install the ISAPI Redirector Filter

  1. Right click on the Virtual host again and choose properties.
  2. When the properties dialog box appears, select the ISAPI Filters tab.
  3. Click on the Add button. Enter a name like "Jakarta Redirector".
  4. For the "Executable", click on the "Browse" button and navigate to the $CATALINA_BASE\bin\native directory and select the file isapi_redirect.dll.
  5. Select OK and click on Apply.

Step 5 - Windows 2003/IIS 6 Only

  1. In the left pane of the IIS manager, select Web Service Extensions and select Add a new Web service extension.
  2. Name the extension Jakarta-Tomcat and add the $CATALINA_BASE\bin\native\isapi_redirect.dll to the required files section.
  3. Check the box for set extension status to Allowed.
  4. Restart the web service.

Step 6 - Test Installation

If you have Tomcat running (either standalone or as a service), you should now be able to connect to the machine and access the calendar. Open a browser, and enter the URL

http://<host name>/calendar/login.html

You should be presented with the calendar login screen.

If you wish to change the request URI prefix from /calendar/ to something else you will have to edit the file $CATALINA_BASE\conf\, and change the path component of the context in the $CATALINA_BASE\conf\Catalina\localhost\calendar.xml file to the desired name. You will also have to rename the file calendar.xml to <path>.xml.

If you are no longer using the HTTP connector Tomcat runs on port 8080, you can disable it by editing the $CATALINA_BASE\conf\server.xml file.

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