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Appendix E - Internationalization and Localization

Connect Daily uses the browser-specified Locale strings to determine the following things:

In other words, if your browser is set to a preferred language of es_MX, you will see the days of the week, and months of the year in Spanish. The calendar conventions including the starting day of the week, the time formats, and the formats for entering dates would follow the locale conventions for Mexico.


If your browsers send the wrong language preference and cannot be changed, you can add the parameter:


to your Replace ll with the two letter code for your language, and CC with your two letter country code. For example,


This LocaleOverride will force Connect Daily to ALWAYS ignore the browser's Accept-Language header.

Additionally, the captions for the pages are drawn from an external resource bundle. EMail templates are also stored externally from the application. This means that you can easily create a new translation of Connect Daily and have multiple translations live at the same time. Put simply, you could have Spanish, French, German, and English all co-existing on the same server. The one drawback is that event titles and description are not automatically translated.

The sections below provide detailed instructions on how to create a translation of Connect Daily.

In This Section

Character Sets

Localizing Screen Captions

Localizing Headers and Footers, Instructions, and EMail Templates