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Permissions for Anonymous Users

Connect Daily allows people who are not logged in to view calendars. This section refers to Users who are not logged in as the Public. This section explains how to configure security so that only the information you want is visible.

If a User sees the View*.html pages and they are not logged in, they are running as a Public User.

On the SYSTEM | CONFIGURATION | SECURITY screen, there is an entry for Public User Name. If this value is set, then the public has the permissions of this user. In other words, if the Public User Name entry is GUEST then the public can view calendars that User GUEST has permission to.

To make a calendar hidden from the public, you need to remove all permissions for that calendar from User GUEST. If the GUEST User is a member of any User Groups, you will also need to remove the permissions from that Group or take the User out of those Groups.

To make a calendar visible to the public, the GUEST User needs to have permission to view that calendar.

To require people to login to see calendars, clear the value in the Public User Name field in the SYSTEM | CONFIGURATION | SECURITY screen. Attempting to view calendars will redirect the Users to the login page.

Remember, if your database is case-sensitive then the entry of the Public User Name must match the users entry.


Do not create a GUEST account that is enabled. Enabling the GUEST User account transparently logs the public into the software.

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