Installation and configuration of Connect Daily will require a qualified system administrator for the target operating system. The person installing the software should also be familiar with the SQL back-end database, as well as the Java Servlet application server. End users typically will not be able to install and configure the software.

The basic steps for installation are:

  1. Unpack the application files.
  2. Configure the SQL database to hold the calendar data.
  3. Configure the application server to load the new web application.
  4. Restart the web application server.
  5. Configure Connect Daily options.
  6. Customize appearance by editing the style sheet and/or specifying custom header and footer files.

You may wish to print a copy of Appendix A - Software Installation Checklist and use it during the installation process.

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Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Unpacking the Application Files

SQL Database Setup

Configure the Application Server

Backing Up Your Calendar

Integrating Microsoft IIS with Connect Daily

Authentication Architecture