Connect Daily AJAX Integration Code Generator

Welcome to the Connect Daily AJAX Code generator.

This page will create the AJAX code you need to paste into your web page to allow AJAX calendar viewing. Remember, you can also view the Help page for instructions on AJAX integration with Connect Daily.

If you're not sure what to put into a field, clicking on the question mark icons will display help.

This is the URL that you use to view your calendar.

If you're using an IFRAME, this is not the URL to the page with the IFRAME, but the page the IFRAME points to.

If you want to test this against our demo calendar, use the URL:
This is the type of calendar you want to view. Connect Daily lets you view events by calendar, resource, resource type, or event type.

Pick the view type you wish to use.
Pick the specific item you wish to view events for.

If you're viewing by calendar, this is the calendar to view. If you're viewing by resource, then this is the resource you wish to see events for.
Select the widgets you want to put in your page: