Outlook to iCal Conversion Program

Using this program, you can export data from Outlook in iCalendar, or import iCalendar data into Outlook. The program offers several features and options that are not available with Outlook's built-in iCalendar import/export.

iCalendar (or iCal) is a text file format for exchanging calendar data between programs. The format of an iCalendar file is described in RFC-5545.

Programs that can read iCalendar files include Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Mozilla Lightning, Connect Daily Web Calendar, and many others.

Here is a list of difference between Outlook's import/export and this program's. The software is free. The program does require the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0. If your computer does not have it installed, the installation program will automatically download and install it.

Download Free Outlook to iCal Conversion program for Office 2000-2010 (32-Bit)

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