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Lots of content management systems come with built-in calendars. The problem is they're not very good. Replace your CMS system's built in calendar with Connect Daily. What makes our calendar better than the one that comes with your CMS? Features like resource management, customizable security, custom fields, iCal and RSS feeds, and much more.

Stop double-booking rooms, or running an internal calendar to manage rooms and an external one for publishing events. With Connect Daily, one tool does both tasks so you don't have to double-enter events.

Calendar views include full-sized displays by month, week, and day. Additionally, Connect Daily provides mini-calendar widgets and event list widgets you can drop into your existing page design. Adding these components to your site is as simple as stepping through a wizard and copying and pasting the HTML code.

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Tucows 5-Cow Rating!
Tucows 5-Cow Rating!