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Connect Daily is a full scale web calendar application with all the features you need, and support for AJAX. Along with the AJAX support, Connect Daily supports resource management, advanced security features, event approvals, Email notifications, and much more.

While there are a lot of simple calendar widgets available on the web, Connect Daily is an industrial strength calendar system that also supports AJAX. It's the difference between a widget for a web site, and a solution for your organization.

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"I wanted to take the time to tell you how helpful you have been. Your product is amazing and will add a great deal of value to my web site. Moreover, your product is outperformed only by your customer service. I greatly appreciate the fact that I was able to call you every time I needed assistance (I never had to leave a message). MH Software should be the blueprint for every web-based business."

Alex Fraser - CHR, ArtmasterStudios.com